Say cheese!!!



Found this photo on my phone a the most perfect moment.. Lately everything has been too hectic, work pressures are high, haven’t met my best friend in weeks, cause she’s busy too. Everything seems to have settled into a mundane routine, no time to even write a proper post…

And then I found this!

It reminds me of one of my favorite sports moments captured in a photo! On match day, 21st April, 2014, this guy, Mikel Arteta lost his tooth during the game and still smiled, this big bloody toothy grin! I mean, seriously, how cute is this guy!!!

Fun fact: Arsenal won that game! :D *claps*

Its literally these small things that stay with me for the longest time…

Often times life may knock you down, even break your teeth, Smile anyway…

Until next time,

Counting my blessings..


18 Struggles Of Having An Outgoing Personality But Actually Being Shy And Introverted


Literally the story of my life in 18 points… :)

Originally posted on Thought Catalog:

This… this is my soul song, people. This is my Vietnam.

1. You’re not anti-social, you’re selectively social.

2. At any given point, you have one (maybe two) best friends who are your entire life. You’re not a “group of friends” person. You can’t keep up with all that.

3. Social gatherings that are supposed to be “rites of passage” like prom and dances and other such typical nonsense is just… not for you. You don’t understand it. You want nothing to do with it.

4. When you do choose to grace a party with your presence, you are the life of it. You’re dancing on the table and doing body shots until 3 a.m.

5. … You then retreat into three days of complete solitude to recover.

6. You go out of your way to avoid people, but when you inevitably have to interact with them, you make…

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Originally posted on Yogis Anonymous - More Than Yoga Videos:

We-crucify-ourselvesSometimes we spend too much time looking in the rear-view mirror. It’s always good to examine our choices and behavior, especially when we’ve landed ourselves in situations we never intended and didn’t want. But once you’ve looked at what happened, once you’ve plunged the depths of what was motivating you and what went wrong, it isn’t productive to swim in those waters. As a matter of fact, it can really start to wear you down.

Most of us can look back on our lives and point to choices or decisions we’ve made, wishing we could go back and do things differently. But screwing things up is how we learn. Maybe you didn’t show up for yourself the way you wanted to; maybe you weren’t able to act on your own behalf in a timely fashion. It’s possible you participated in a situation that was very damaging to your tender and…

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List of things you need to teach your Child (ren) at early age…!


This deserves to be endlessly shared!!!

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List of things you need to teach your Child(ren)
Here is a list of things you need to teach your Child (ren) at early age:1. Warn your Girl Child Never to sit on anyone's laps no matter the situation including uncles.2. Avoid Getting Dressed in front of your child once he/she is 2 years old. Learn to excuse them or yourself.3. Never allow any adult refer to your child as 'my wife' or 'my husband'4. Whenever your child goes out to play with friends make sure you look for a way to find out what kind of play they do, because young people now sexually abuse themselves.5. Never force your child to visit any adult he or she is not comfortable with and also be observant if your child becomes too fond of a particular adult.6. Once a very lively child suddenly becomes withdrawn you may need to patiently ask lots of…

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