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Diwali Lights

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There’s something utterly satisfying about a midweek break, it makes the week feel just right, (not loo long, not too short, somewhat like baby bear’s porridge). I spent the day  decorating the house with twinkling lights and hand painted lamps for Diwali.  Also, needless to say, it was a wonderful day exchanging greetings and wishes with people you love (and miss).

Naturally there were many photos being clicked throughout the day and moments being captured.

And for the first time in my lifetime, there’s hardly any fireworks.  Just when you think your faith in humanity is damaged beyond repair, times change, and you realize, the world isn’t as awful as you once thought.  Its a Diwali Miracle (if there is such a thing).

Be blessed. 🙂



Fabulous Fabelle

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There’s a lovely little Chocolate Shop at the Windsor Manor (one of my favorite places in Bangalore), with the most exquisite collection of chocolate from many exotic countries.  And if there’s one thing I adore, it is the perfect timing of how everything perfectly plays out,  We opened this box on the eve of Diwali 2017, and started our festivities on a sweet note. 🙂 Hope all of you are staying safe & being fabulous.

Happy Diwali, everyone!! May this Festive season brighten every part of your life!

Be blessed ❤



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My days feel incomplete without having books around, there isn’t a room in my house where my books aren’t quietly tucked away, always around when I need that trusted friend.  My favorite ones are the ones which are especially older books with yellowed pages and have that je ne sais quoi (old book smell mixed with memories and melancholy perhaps).

I sometimes wonder if the person who wrote the first book ever knew what a historic epic moment s/he was part of.

Happy Reading!


Little details

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I always appreciate the amount of thought that people put into anything.  Its the little details which stay with me long after the moment has passed.  Sometimes we don’t even notice all the details around us, probably because we’re too busy being busy, but its a special event when time slows down enough for us to savor the elements around.  This was about a year ago at the Serai in Bandipur, which was full of little details, most of which I was unable to photograph because I didn’t carry my phone/camera around.  Silly me was trying to digital-detox, and now I regret it.

Pro tip – ALWAYS keep your camera handy, so you never have to suffer the regret of missing a perfect photograph.

Peace & Love