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Book Review with a twist – Done


Described as catnip for conspiracy theorists, and I can’t help but agree. Any book/post which gives me an idea of how the world (as we know it) works is always a fun read. This book by Jacques Peretti is very detailed and well researched, and quite frankly a bit alarming.

This book reminded me of the concept of the butterfly effect, one seemingly innocuous flutter of a butterfly’s wing which changes the course of events thousands of miles away, consequently changing the world.  This book gives the reader a glimpse of how decisions are made by way of handshake deals which impact billions of people and more importantly billion dollar industries (if that). It makes the reader re-think how we feel about food, taxes, our own weight, our insatiable want for technology, basically every aspect of our lives.

Am I reviewing my own consumption patterns over the years and my attitudes, Certainly. Would I recommend this book – YES! I think every person should read this book. Not because I like to perpetuate fear-mongering trends, but in a world where we are the “Commodity” that a handful of people are betting on (or against), a book like this one will perhaps make people look at their own worth (perhaps even understand it)!

Underneath the incidents, I feel like that is the point… Let me know what you think.

Peace & Love


CatchLight- out of my window

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Have you ever wished for a different view? If not these random tall apartment buildings, I would replace it for a view of the hills, or the sea… For today, this one will do.

They say life is about moving (always moving and changing), but lately I feel like I am stuck, like I wake up to live the same day over and over again, the only thing being done differently from the last was that I find myself writing a different date at the top of the page. Somehow unable to shake it off..

Happy 70th year of Independence, India!

Peace & Love