Life Lessons I’ve learnt from The Godfather



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As I write this, I can actually hear the haunting music that plays at the opening scene of this movie, but as an avid reader and lover of written words, of course, I love the book more. The Godfather by Mario Puzo is one of those rare books that has affected millions, if not billions of people and I can proudly proclaim that I am definitely one of them.. I read this book for the first time when I was 13 years old and have probably re read it hundreds of times since. Sometimes when I’m down, I just open the book to a random page and start reading it. It has so many quotes, so many characters and oh so many things to fall in love with. But beyond all that it has lessons for life.

Lesson #1. I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse

Perhaps the…

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Swimming class: The unexpected lessons

Last month I finally enrolled myself for swimming lessons at the neighborhood club. Its been something that I hadn’t had a chance to learn as a child. This year, after almost two or three years of missing deadlines, I finally knew that before my next birthday, I’ll know how to swim.

As someone who loves to workout, I thought that learning the form would be a piece of cake for me, but how wrong was i!!!!

The day finally arrived when the classes started, they made us stretch and shower before getting into the pool. In the pool we went step by step as well.. First we practiced kicking, then kicking when we were on our stomach and then we were in the water, and boy was it fun!!!

I’m not the tallest person in the world, so the 5 feet deep pool was barely manageable for me, I had to stand on my tippy toes to keep my head above the water… Before you decide to crack the code of how tall I am, I’m 5’2″.


So every day I felt like there were new challenges and new lessons learnt and progress made. Although I was one of the few who were the slowest to learn, by the last day, I finally got a hang of it, and I know that with a little practice, I can start doing laps in no time.

A few things that surprised me that I learnt at the swim lessons that had nothing to do with swimming are:

1. The blank noise when you’re under water is the most peaceful time and it literally makes you forget the world outside. If you learn to love it, and become one with the water, you’ll learn sooner.

This was a lesson I learn at the fag end of the course though, most of the initial days, I used to get very nervous and flail around and tense up.

which brings me to my next lesson…

2. You need to be able to completely relax your body to be able to swim. Unlike other forms of exercises, you don’t need to flex or squeeze your muscles. Now this was a revelation to me, as every single workout I’ve done, especially Pilates (which I currently practice) needs me to flex and not let my muscles loose,

This made me realize that the rules on the land and the rules in water are quite different. Over the course of the camp, I finally learnt to let go and relax and enjoy the water.

3. Friends across the demographic. This was a fun and interesting thing that happened at the camp, I made new friends, women of different ages and backgrounds who were there to learn to swim, and that was fun!

It made me realize that I need to keep my group really diverse.. And swimming helped me do that.

4. I liked having something to do besides going to work. One of the best things we can do for ourselves is to learn new things, get your body moving. It’s scary at first, but you’ll love yourself for not giving up.

5. This camp made me realize just how stubborn I can be. Like I said, i was one of the last few women in our group to let go of my fear and learn to swim.

There were moments when I wanted to just give in and give up, and the very next moment my stubbornness would kick in and wouldn’t let me give up. I was determined to learn if it was the last thing I ever did.

Being as competitive as I am, the biggest challenge for me was not let others progress (which was way ahead of me), get to me. Yes I am very very competitive, about pretty much EVERYTHING. This forced me to forget others, not give up on myself and compete with only me..

And this has been my attitude for everything in life, when i have wanted something, giving up is not even an option.

6. When you focus on what you want, everything else fades into the background, the criticism, the opinions of others, its becomes inaudible when you understand that the blank noise of being under water is not scary but its the thing which helps you get perspective. And the only thing you really want will come into focus.

7. Its very easy to rely on (proverbial) crutches, I used to rely mostly on the handle bars, I used to stick to the corners and not really give up. Outside the pool as well, I have so many different crutches that I refuse to let go of, because I don’t think I can do without them. That hit me hard and made me reevaluate my life outside the pool.

Lessons aside, I can finally SWIM!!! Who would’ve thought!!

And at this moment, I’ll choose to just be proud of me and enjoy this moment.

See you in the water sometime…

Until then,


How To Love A Girl Who’s Guarded



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You won’t know when a girl is guarded, not initially at least.

“Guarded” won’t be the word that comes to mind. You’ll think she’s independent and confident. Driven and seemingly content. She’s never seeking anything from you, never leaning in to the hint or the whisper. She seems as though she lives a big life, and it’s in that paradox that she’s most closed. She’s filled all the little spaces with something, something else.

Once upon a time she fell in love the way thousands and millions of people do every day and hour and in the last three seconds while you were reading this. But it wasn’t the falling in love, or the breaking up that ultimately broke her.

It was that she found the truest seeming, most divinely timed, so evidently fated love, only to learn that conviction is not actually an indication of what will…

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20 years after…

The one truth about art is that it outlives the artist, perhaps that’s one of the reasons some of us write. I was quite young when I heard this song and I fell in love with it, the words made me cry, and at the time I didn’t know who Selena was, about her rise to success and glory which was tragically cut short. This song was part of my growing up in different stages of adolescence, of first crush, first love, second crush, and then some. Even today, this song puts me to tears, not only because the words are still relatable, but because sometimes the greats are given so little time. To imagine the impact she would have had, the words she couldn’t write, the songs we won’t get to hear and carry with us through the decades, it truly is our loss..

20 years after, you are loved and your music is celebrated. And all i have to say is Thank you!

Until next time,


25 Quotes About Love And Dating All Badass, Ambitious Single Women Should Abide By

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Breakfast at Tiffany'sBreakfast at Tiffany’s

“Of course I am not worried about intimidating men. The type of man who will be intimidated by me is exactly the type of man I have no interest in.”

– Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie 

“Personality is the glitter that sends your little gleam across the footlights and the orchestra pit into that big black space where the audience is.”

– Mae West

“I will not fall in love with your bones or skin. I will not fall in love with the places you have been. I will not fall in love with anything but the words that flutter from your extraordinary mind.”

-Andre Jordan

“Men are from Earth. Women are from Earth. Deal with it.”

-George Carlin

“I have to go. I have a finite amount of life and I don’t want to spend it arguing with you.”

-Jenny Trout

“The girls who were unanimously considered beautiful…

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Please Delete My Number

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Because I’m going to miss you. Because you’re going to pop into my mind on a rainy Sunday evening when Bon Iver is humming in the background and I’ve poured myself a tall glass of wine and a whiff of your old cologne catches me suddenly off guard – lingering in the apartment like an unwanted house guest who was never invited to stay.

Please delete my number. Because I’m going to want to call you when I apply for that job you always said that I should go for, or cut my hair in that way I never dared to or get that dog we always talked about getting and don’t know who to text its eager picture to. I’m going to want to call you when the Bills win and when the last snow melts and when each long, wine-saturated night draws to a close and I wish…

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