Letter To The Man I Loved (Who Didn’t Give A Sh*t About Me)

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Chiara CremaschiChiara Cremaschi

It’s my birthday and I’m really fucking mad at you. I guess it’s me, really. I’m mad at myself. I don’t know why I looked at my phone, at Facebook, expecting something. Just a small acknowledgement. Anything, really. A simple “happy birthday” would have done it, the kind of thing acquaintances send, the girl I sat next to in Biology class 4 years ago, Sephora emails. Saying “happy birthday” is about as basic as it gets.

I guess I expected something that reassured me I was still a thought somewhere in your mind. That you remember me. That I was important. But instead, it’s as if I wasn’t ever in your bed this summer, that you never caressed my face with your rough fingertips. How you told me you loved me. Platonically. Okay. Right. Right. We were only ever just friends. But you kissed me and sucked…

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17 Poignant Quotes From Real-Life Suicide Notes

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Everyone in their right mind seems to think you have to be out of your mind to kill yourself. If that’s the case, why are all 17 of these suicide-note excerpts—that were taken from real people who really killed themselves—so lucid and touching and poignant and insightful?

I’ve said it before—one needs a certain degree of insight into the human condition’s wretchedness and futility to get depressed enough that you consider killing yourself, but it is precisely this insight that means you have more than dead meat resting above your shoulders and therefore shouldn’t kill yourself. In other words, if you want to kill yourself, that’s the first sign that you shouldn’t. So no—don’t kill yourself. Otherwise, enjoy these beautiful, insightful, moving, and borderline tear-jerking quotes. [tc-mark]


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If Someone Wants To Leave, You’ve Got To Let Them Go

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If someone wants to leave your life, you’ve got to let them go. You shouldn’t have to convince them to stay, nor should you want to. We spend our whole lives building relationships just to watch them fall apart. The passion and effort end in disappointment when somebody just gets up and carelessly leaves your life, just as easily as they entered it.

I sometimes wonder if it is better to feel nothing at all than to feel everything, so much, all at once. Is it better to be without passion and love, to save ourselves from the hurt? Whether someone enters your life for a minute, an hour, a week, a month, a year, or a lifetime, we attach ourselves to these beautiful strangers in hopes they will stick around. Stick around at our best, stick around at our worse. Stick around to see the true colors and…

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Words that make my heart happy

I usually never do this, but as I sat at my office, trying to get my work done, I found this post and it said everything that I would have said myself. As I read each word, I knew the world had to read this too, to know a love so simple, so real, so pure.

My reaction usually is that may we all be so lucky, but really the lucky one is me!

To have loved like this, not once, but twice!! To feel without reason, to love the one just because your soul loved theirs.

Life can be so fleeting, it’s gone in a wink, if fate gave me just one more meeting, I wouldn’t even blink.~Me

Who ever thought that there was a little poet in me. <3

We’re kindred souls, You and I.

By Alex Sandra Myles

I’m writing this to you, the one who knows me, the one who understands me—my thoughts, my mind and my actions—without ever asking for an explanation.

You understand my soul.

It scares me a little sometimes, the magic of it all .

How it’s possible for two to be so distant, yet closer than most?

How it’s possible for two people to connect in an instant, to resonate, to share and to believe the same powerful thought: the universe fused our maps and brought us together right when we needed each other most.

I do not need to speak, because we understand each other without words.

Sometimes we need to purge ourselves, divulge relentlessly and talk endlessly of all that we’ve been.

Other times we are bound in silence, at peace with the white noise that continuously transmits between us.

I hope you know I appreciate that you are out there.

I feel you and I know you feel me too—our words, our plans, our pleasure and our pain flows. Our pain flows from one to the other without confusion and judgement.

We’re unlike any usual friendship—we may not meet for drinks, we may not know the name of the other’s family members and we probably don’t even actually know of each other’s work.

It is not important to us.

The only thing that is important is that I know if I needed you—regardless what time of the day, where I was in the world and how dramatic my situation was—you’d be there.

We’re very similar, you and I, even though we’re entirely different.

You do not need to ask, I do not need to answer. We just exist, side by side—knowing, intuiting and accepting.

You hold up a mirror without ever asking about the reflection.

Through you, I see my past, I see old wounds but I also see how far I have travelled.

You intrigue me and I don’t have to look further than myself to see why. Your reflection lights up in me some of my darkest moments and it gives me the courage to look deeper to explore, heal and accept.

You held the missing pieces to my puzzle and you stood by me patiently while I put them in place.

Our paths crossed and they will now forever intertwine. I was standing at the crossroad just at the time you appeared—you shone a torch and I watched your back as you led the way.

I never asked you to dance, nor did you ask me, we simply danced.

Until next time, love and live some more.. <3


21 Heart-Punching Quotes That Will Make You Fall In Love With Poetry

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Unsplash / André FreitasUnsplash / André Freitas

It’s no secret that I love poetry. Like, if I could wake up and eat poetry for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, I probably would. (Okay, sometimes I do). I’ve put together a list with quotes from some of my favorite poets, and let me tell you, *feels* will be felt. All feels relevant.

“You could tie my tongue
My lips, my teeth
Split them into surrender
Into a foreign language
And I would still manage
To cough up your name.”

- Danielle Shorr, “Let”

“Here I love you.
Here I love you and the horizon hides you in vain.
I love you still among these cold things.
Sometimes my kisses go on those heavy vessels
that cross the sea towards no arrival.
I see myself forgotten like those old anchors.”

- Pablo Neruda, “Here I Love You”

“They don’t know I only speak in runaway…

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Valentine’s Day 2015: After thought

So Valentine’s Day was yesterday, technically it still is in some parts of the world… The day the entire world celebrates love with roses, hearts, candy and too much red and pink!

For the likes of us who celebrate love with every breath we take, its just another day and another excuse to love some more! I couldn’t not write something about it. So here goes, I don’t quite know the lore behind Valentine’s day, and I don’t really want to, because I’ve always had my own little thoughts about love and its definitely not enough to celebrate it only one out of three hundred and sixty five days of the year.

Today, just like yesterday and the days before, and perhaps like tomorrow and the days after, I’m in love with being in love, in love with my boy in black suit and blue shirt, with moments spent, with life itself, the most fleeting thing in the world.

My hope for the world is that the people in it love some more! show it some more, cherish it some more…. I honestly don’t know how to end this post cause I don’t think I want to give this an end… Here’s to continued hope, this Valentine’s day…


May we all be so lucky… <3