Tea Party (2)


Tea Party (2)

One of the activities which makes me feel most elegant and graceful is an old fashioned tea party. Be it an extravagant affair at the sea lounge or a private tea party at home. Something about the classic tea party feels Très Chic to me. Even when I was a little girl, I had a white ceramic tea set with pink flowers on it, and I’d gather up all my dolls and play hostess, Some of my favorite childhood moments have been with imaginary tea.

One of my best memories of an actual tea party (with real tea and people) was when I visited Bombay. On a sunny January afternoon, we strolled around Colaba followed by a lavish High Tea at the Sea Lounge at the iconic Taj Mahal Hotel, where we chose from a variety of teas (or coffees or other beverages), and tried an assortment of snacks like scones, pastries, chaat, and other savory snacks, till we put ourselves into a food coma, while over looking the gateway and enjoying the colonial treat that is the Taj.

Other more humble memories are having tea parties at home, with some store bought cookies (when I don’t have over my friends/cousins who bake), and fresh sandwiches, and of course a variety of teas to choose from.

Its all about making the best memories, with the best of your friends, and naturally good tea. Of course some yummy snacks never hurt anyone.

Until next time, enjoy yourself!



New Blog Alert


New Blog Alert: Bookpress

Yesterday, after many days of being lazy and putting it off, I created a new blog which will be fully dedicated to books (and other lovely things). This will be the place where I plan to write about books I’ve read over the years, make and seek recommendations, talk about books I’m currently reading, my TBR (AKA the ones I’m dying to read), favorite authors, and conversations around books with my bookish friends and maybe even chronicle bookstores that I visit. The possibilities are endless.

So do visit my new blog and show it some love by hitting “follow”. And lets talk books.

will see you there!


Hello April

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Every year I wait for two days – my birthday and Christmas – and April being my birth month, is pretty much a month long countdown to my most awaited day, making this one of my favorite months.

So when it rolls around every year, I spend every single day as a celebration – shop more than any other month, go out more frequently, treat myself and my family, reflect, plan the year ahead – and make it the most memorable month of the year.

Without much ado, Hello April, I’m sure you’ll be lovely (if I have anything to do with it)!


Bookpress 17 – A little book of Happiness


Bookpress 17 – A little book of Happiness

Inspired by the previous book which had me smiling endlessly, and nodding, and registering all my favorite parts to revisit some day (soon), I picked up this little baby. And thanks to amazon, I realized that these books are part of a series covering subjects like Love, Friendship, Life, Happiness and many more, and unsurprisingly I plan to collect them all.

This book, like the previous one was short but packed with a punch. Although I was able to finish it in about an hour, I couldn’t help but want to start writing a journal again. Now the only thing I need to do is buy the prettiest book (of course, it HAS to be pretty), and start writing, and collecting my favorite quotes.

Anything that inspires action is something special. And this book is very special.

Pick it up for a pick me up.

Happy Reading!