Barbie dreams

Barbie Dreams

Growing up, my favorite cousin and I had a HUGE collection of Barbie dolls and all the goodies to go with it. It took us years to build the collection and we would take turns keeping them in each of our houses, one year at my place, and one year at hers. And come summer holidays, we would spend hours, every day playing dress up with our dolls, creating elaborate stories, and having the time of our lives.

Even back then I had the biggest crush on her shoes. Even before the red sole took over social media, even before Carrie Bradshaw, we had Barbie and her shoes. Back then Barbie had ONLY heels, and skipper, ken, and the babies had flat shoes. Barbie was all about the glamour. And we LOVED it.

Which is why even now, when I see so much hate or negativity about this particular toy, I just don’t get it. As kids we had around 50 dolls, and countless pairs of shoes, hair brushes, clothes, tiaras, bangles, briefcases, handbags, sunglasses, everything. Now the Barbie doll has changed to be more of an everyday woman, well I still love it. I think a part of me will always love this doll.

One summer our whole collection got stolen. We have no idea who took it, but the whole set just vanished, and whoever took it was careless enough to leave a few remnants – one shoe, one hairbrush and some other little trinket – we searched the whole house inside and out, from basement to the attic, from the library to my cousin’s parents room, we were hysterical, we spent an entire summer day searching, only to end up in tears about the fact that our beloved collection had indeed been stolen, and we couldn’t do anything about it. We were probably 10 years old at the time, and someone, some cruel horrible person, had stolen our dolls. That was literally my first big life lesson about this world. That it doesn’t matter even if you’re just a child, there are people awful enough to do this kind of shit (and way worse, but that’s for another time). Our summer holidays weren’t the same anymore. It made us not want to collect anything anymore for the fear of feeling such heartbreak. A part of my childhood died that day.

But that’s not what this post is about. Growing up we played dress up with these larger-than-life dolls, and aspired to be just like her. Barbie let us believe we could be ANYTHING we wanted, a lawyer or an astronaut, a journalist, a teacher or even a princess. Anything we dreamed of, we could be. And when sky was the limit, little me dreamed of being Barbie, with her glossy long hair, and colorful clothes for every occasion, and accessories to match. I dreamed of being her.

Needless to say, when I first started working I started my shoe collection – heels if I’m being specific – and I wear them every chance I get. And a few times when I’ve been out and about doing my routine things, little girls aged about 5-7 have come running up to me just to tell me that I look like Barbie and run away before I can even thank them. Not knowing that they’ve made my day (probably even my whole week). At times like these, the little girl whose heart was brutally broken because someone stole all her dolls, rejoices because no one can steal something that is part of you.

Sometimes, our childhood dreams do come true. And if we’re really really lucky, others can see it too.

Much Love



Only the essentials

Only the essentials

Have you ever changed one (seemingly) small aspect of your life, and it leads to huge shifts (which are way bigger than intended). I recently changed my handbag from an over-sized tote – in which I’d carry the world – to a tiny sling bag which can barely carry anything at all – only the essentials.

This was a deliberate change because I began to notice that my bag has become home to every unnecessary thing which felt like I HAD to have it, anyway I had a big bag, and carry unnecessary weight on my shoulders (literally). Now that I’ve shifted to a tiny little bag, I’m forced to only pick things that I actually need – my wallet, sunnies, a lipstick, and keys. And the funny thing is I don’t miss any of the other things that I used to think were sooo important.

I find this to be true with non-bag related things as well, I often worry about things which seem so critical at the time, and spend all my energy on things that rarely ever work the way I had anticipated. Why then do we do that, it seems so wasteful. I see everything as a possible sign, like we are being given some indication from up above of how our lives are going, and what to keep and what baggage to let go.

The trend of 2018, keep only the essentials let go of the rest.

Peace & Love


Price v. Value

Price v. Value

One of the things I really HATE is wastage of any kind. Whether its wasting time, efforts, energy, things, resources, anything, it really annoys me. IMHO wasting something is just another way of disrespecting or disregarding it. And that’s probably the quickest way of losing it.

Even (seemingly) small things like wasting the last bit of food on your plate (this gets me seething), or the last few pages of a note book, showing up late to a pre-scheduled meeting (wasting time), worrying about things that are out of your control (wasting energy), anything really.

I don’t really know when I started thinking and paying attention to this, but for as long as I can remember, I’ve observed these things around me, and tried to be more mindful.

This same sentiment was evoked recently when I had to buy a phone case for my phone. As someone who keeps dropping my phone (poor thing), phone cases are more of a necessity rather than just a cute accessory. So when I was out shopping at a popular fast-fashion store, I saw this clear case with unicorns, and instantly loved it, and picked it up without a second thought. It was only when I got home and took it out of the package that I realized that its a soft case which barely covers my phone, and provided absolutely no grip (disastrous for me, Ms. butterfingers). Then I went online and searched specifically for the brand of case which I’ve been using for the last year (which needed replacing because of the multiple falls it had endured). The point is – the price of this case was 5X the price of the Unicorn case. Accordingly the quality of both products also varied. The lesson – You get what you pay for was heavily reinforced – and I couldn’t help but take a closer look at practically everything I own from this perspective and think of how many of these “inexpensive” alternatives I’ve bough over the last few years, and had to replace them almost immediately and spent close to 5X amount of time and most importantly efforts.

Sometimes its easy (and human) to make choices based on the price tag, because we often don’t think in terms of value or quality. After all we live in a world where one of most used (and most successful) marketing campaign is to call something “inexpensive” or offer heavy “discounts” (don’t even get me started about this). Consumerism has left us almost desensitized to aspect like durability, quality, etc., when buying something. And lets not forget the biggest oxymoron of using the phrase “value for money” for cheaply made items.

For me, this whole Price v. Value question was a real eye-opener, and naturally I had to share it here.

Peace & Love


Bookpress 2 – Uncommon Type

Bookpress 2 – Uncommon Type

Book 2/52 – Uncommon Type by Tom Hanks

When your favorite actor writes a book, you can’t help but buy it right away. And when Tom Hanks [I had (still have) the biggest crush on Joe Fox] wrote his first book, Uncommon Type – I HAD to read it.

Its the 2nd book I’m reading this year, and 17 short stories, and each story having one common feature, which I’ll let you guess. (no spoilers)

Really looking forward to reading this book. If my work week isn’t stressful, my guess is I’ll be done with this by mid-week.

Happy Reading!