How to make a good first impression ?

First impressions are everything. People start forming opinions about you and your professional capabilities the moment they see you. Even before the formal introductions and handshakes, they size you up and some even decide whether or not they want to work with you.

Is it fair ? No.

Does it happen ? You bet it does.

Those first few moments are crucial, So here are a few tips that are easy to incorporate into your daily lives so you make the best first impression every single time.

#3 : Always wear clean and well pressed clothes that fit you well.

Make sure your clothes aren’t too tight or too loose, it shouldn’t look like you’re wearing someone else’s clothes. Its not about the brands or the monograms on your lapel, its about how well it fits you and how comfortable you are..

Always remember, tugging on your clothes or constantly fussing over them makes you appear nervous and fidgety, and not very professional.

Keep your clothes clean, stain free and neatly ironed, there’s nothing worse than looking sloppy.

#2 : Always be well groomed.

This can’t be overlooked… No way !!

Keep your nails clipped and clean. Ladies, if it HAS to be long, at least make sure they’re neatly polished and shaped into neat square-ish ovals. keep some mints or mouthwash handy, cause you never know when you need it. Same goes for a good antiperspirant or deodorants to avoid any potentially embarrassing situations. As the old saying goes, cleanliness is next to godliness.

A little bit of an effort goes a long way.

And lastly and most importantly:

#1 : Wear your invisible tiara/crown, chin up and straighten up Smile and dazzle the world.

A happy disposition and a positive outlook goes a long long way, and in my book that’s always appreciated.

Now go out there and Impress away ! 🙂

Until next time..




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