My top 5 reasons to wear high heels !!

I love shoes, specifically high heels. No matter what the occasion or my choice of outfit, my first instinct is to wear my favorite pair of nude stiletto pumps ! I have many many pairs and I love them all equally, but my nude pumps always somehow makes me feel best..

My friends often make fun of me, my obsession does not go unnoticed. My fashion mantra is “the higher the heels, the better you feel”.

I don’t think anyone NEEDS a reason to wear heels, but for those who do, here are my top 5..

#5 makes you feel more confident, no matter where you go, you’ll make heads turn ! Guaranteed !!

#4 helps glam up any outfit, even if you’re wearing a sack.

#3 sneaky workout for your legs, statistics show that your legs look more toned in a pair of stilettos than sneakers.

#2 better posture, and by better I mean more feminine..

And The number 1 reason to wear high heels is…. *drumroll*

#1 They are HIGH HEELS ❤❤❤

Until next time..




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