Can we not be like Ships passing in the night…

The song by Mat Kearney titled Ships in the night, has always managed to give me goosebumps and I recently found out what the Phrase Ships passing in the night means, making this song so much more meaningful.

Sometimes there are people who cross our paths and manage to have the most profound impact on us. Giving us reasons to hope again, making us fall in love again and makes us realize that this big bad world isn’t so big and bad after all. And when we meet them it feels like the universe has been aligning itself to make you meet them. Having had my own encounter like this, it has left me completely speechless, because when you least expect it, life decides to surprise you. Life is wonderful like that !

Only one question comes to mind….

How do you thank a person who has done so much for your soul without even realizing it… by just being them…

The answer is, you can’t ! Words are never enough ! You can only love them.. unconditionally. And I do.

With a hope that we wont be like ships passing in the night. I’m counting moments before I see you again…

Until next time..



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