Forest Essentials- the perfect treat for a city girl !

On my latest road-trip, I was lucky enough to drive through a forest, and let me just say, the grandeur and magnificence of nature is as breathtaking as it is overwhelming…

The nose piercing smell of eucalyptus, the fresh and clean forest air, the brisk chill of the evening, just as the sun began it’s descent through the trees. It was a treat for just about every sensory organ. What a feeling !! *goosebumps*

I can’t describe the feeling perfectly, but if I had to, I’d say the forest gave me a feeling of peace and tranquility mixed with an overwhelming sense of the grandeur and power it so clearly has, trees so tall, they kissed the sky, the foliage so lush and green, it looked like the canvas lovingly painted by the greatest grand master of the arts, the big guy in the sky himself 🙂 the animals doing their own thing co-existing so perfectly, a distant buzz of the birds and crickets and so many more elements of the forest, it almost felt like I was transported into another dimension..

I still carry the feeling of romance long after the trip, being back in the city, all I’m left with are a few photos I was lucky enough to click amidst my rapture..

Entering the forest


The trees and the evening sky…


The view from the road


Evening snack while the monkeys stroll around


Too many elements- the mountain in the distance, the foliage, the deer, the little monkey


View on the other side of the road


Driving through the forest- the contrast of the blackness of the road and the green of nature


Life’s a blur… The forest made us want to slow down and revel..


The wild ox- kaadu Kona as it’s lovingly called in Kannada


And finally the magnificent tusker, saw this guy playing and eating right on the side of the road..

Call me superstitious but I believe a tusker sighting during a roadtrip brings luck and abundance, so seeing this cute guy made my day ! I kept wishing to see an elephant from the moment we entered the forest, so seeing this guy so close to the road felt like he was there just to make my wish come true.. 🙂

I just HAD to meet this guy, it was fated !!


Playing peekaboo


Smiling gleefully for my camera… An elephant after my own heart ! Can he pose or what ?! 🙂


Bidding adieu and driving away..


Nature is beautiful and it’s relaxing, but it also makes me appreciate the comfort of my city life, everything is available at the click of a button…

Revelling in my memories until my next big adventure.

Until next time..



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