Watching the Sunset by the River Bhadra

About two years back, I visited the River Tern Lodge in Bhadra situated between the Bhadra river on one side and the wonderful Bhadra Tiger reserve on the other side, Its a sight to see, really. I was lucky enough to go there right after the monsoons so the river was almost overflowing and the forest was lush and green..

Lucky girl that I am, my travelling companions were two naturalists who knew and loved Bhadra,and needless to say I got treated like a princess. The thing that’s so memorable about this trip was that I got to enjoy the jeep safari into the jungle and spot animals and birds and insects and trees, and my only thought the entire time was, as long as I don’t see snakes, I was going to be alright and thankfully I didn’t, otherwise I am pretty sure my screams would’ve echoed all the way over at Bangalore. The boat safaris were wonderful because the chill evening on a boat watching the sunset is one of the most wonderful experiences in life.. On one such boat rides, we stopped by on a small island just to watch the sunset.

The view from my cabin


The bridge that lead us to our log cabin


The Bhadra Dam


Watching the sun set the skies ablaze for the last few minutes before it descended out of sight..


After the sunset


Needless to say, when you’re in the midst of nature, time really does slow down and you literally catch yourself stopping just to smell the roses. Well, in my case it was me stopping to admire a little spider on a small little bush and spotting a mistle toe or sitting on the balcony at night watching the river sparkle like little diamonds in the moonlight.

With so many heart breakingly beautiful memories, my only regret is this, I didn’t get to see a tiger, I hope my next trip to beautiful Bhadra changes that..

Until next time, dreaming of my next vacation.



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