Written words, in my opinion is one of the most powerful things in the world. And it thrills me still that everything ever said and ever written are merely a combination of 26 alphabets.

Sometimes I wake up thinking exactly this, especially on days when I search furiously for words to tell you, I keep thinking maybe I’ve spent it all.. All my good words have been said and written, said to those who didn’t value them, who dubbed them as dramatic, written and lost in time forever, never to be read. And just when I start to drown in the bleakness of this thought, *poof* a miracle happens and I read something like this, words that give renew me, give me hope again, make me feel like, perhaps I still might have a few good words left..


Every person, writer or otherwise, feels this way at least once in their lifetime. Its as universally unique a human experience as it is to, above all, just wish to be the most important thing on earth to someone else.

ah, aren’t we grand ?

It gives me hope that someone I haven’t even met, someone who is thousands of miles away, someone whose life is completely different from mine can articulate perfectly what I’ve been desperately trying to say. And the person who is right in front of me is so blissfully oblivious..

Can you hear what I’ve longed to tell you all along….

well, can you ?


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