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Time is too precious, life hangs by a thread, we keep thinking there’s still time, taking everything for granted, making excuses of a busy busy life. Only one thing I’m sure of is that soon I will be gone, so until I’m here, as long as I can, I’ll try to make everything worthwhile..

When I’ll be dead… Your tears will flow…but

I won’t know… Cry for me now instead !

You will send me flowers,… But I won’t see… Send 

them now instead !

You’ll say words of praise,… But I won’t hear…

Praise me now instead !

You’ll forger my faults,… But I won’t know…

Forget them now instead !

You’ll miss me then,… But I won’t feel… Miss

me now instead !

You’ll wish… you could have spent more time

with  me… spend it now instead !!

Lets live like there is no tomorrow, Smile at everyone in sight.. ❤

Until next time…