Be the One in seven billion they’re looking for…

To my biggest surprise, most of my friends HATE the interview process… I personally love them… Face to face interviews are the best part of any job-seeking process, its the part where you get to be more than the words on your resume.

In a very recent conversation, someone asked me why they should hire me, and although I was a little taken aback that people still ask such beauty pageant-esque questions, I gave a glowing testimonial about my own skills and it was very well appreciated. And a couple of days later, funnily enough I came across a writing gig that required me to write a ten point campaign as to why they should hire me.. I figured TEN reasons, WOW ! This one is going to be a toughie… It turned out to be easier than I thought… Here’s what I wrote:

1. I carry an Attitude of Gratitude and generally enjoy a very positive frame of mind.
2. I hate complaining and whining, and its a pet peeve of mine when I hear others complain and criticize everything just to be cool.. Its not COOL !
3. I like learning new skills and adapt myself to new circumstances, and believe that I do these fairly effortlessly (read: without kicking up a fuss about everything)
4. I LOVE Trends
hmmm this can be both the online kind and of the runway variety.. I love fashion, I enjoy it and play around with it..
5. I like to live in Highlights
I am quite aware that its the smaller joys of life that should be appreciated, I like to enjoy and cherish moments that may get overlooked by others as too insignificant, but I believe its the little things that keep me going when I am in-between the bigger milestones in life and career..
6. I Live for and Love my family
I am fiercely loyal and very committed to the things I do, and my family and the people i value most are the biggest motivation for me to give nothing but the best of me to everything i do..
7.I quote quotes, my favorite ones and most often used ones come from the Godfather !
I love to read and then i love to quote stuff from what I have read. And the Godfather is one book I have read hundreds of times, and needless to say, its become part of my personality, almost…
8. I believe every job has a learning curve
I am under NO illusions that I know everything about everything about everything in this world, but I do know this, that every job, (even if you are the expert in some field) is different from the last role held, and there is a learning curve and there is no shortcut to that…
9.I am very Confident
This stems from a fairly great self-esteem and Confidence is one of the most important qualities of a person, I believe. 🙂
10. I bring Good energy and a great deal of enthusiasm. When I do something, I give it my ALL, what is the point in doing something only half-way, something about the concept of bare-minimum or mediocrity upsets me.. Go Big or Go Home, eh ! My solution to that is that I refrain from doing things that I don’t enjoy.

And this really worked… People appreciate energy and when a question like this gets asked, although it seems like a beauty pageant question and you’d be very tempted to give an equally cliched answer like “world peace” (Since that pretty much is the panacea answer for most pageant questions :P), what the hiring manager (or the person who asked you the question) is looking for, is to see how well you know yourself. Its a small attempt at getting to see your personality. To see if you’d fit into the role and most importantly the team and the company’s culture..

Don’t be afraid of being yourself, there are over seven billion people in this world, no one expects you to be exactly like the rest of the world, I mean, how BORING would that be ! And even if you’re successful in being someone else in an interview, its impossible to keep up pretenses for long ! Be proud of your quirks, be happy and be vocal about who you are and always have the confidence about who you are and what you bring to the table..

How to do this, you ask ? Well, get to know yourself better, make friends with yourself, fall in love with yourself. Ask yourself, if you met you, would you like you ? Would you fall hopelessly in love with you ? Would you hire you ? And when you’re able to answer all these questions in the affirmative, I’ve got good news for you, my friend !!, your confidence will be sky-rocketing and the world will also sit up and take notice.. Its only a matter of time, believe me !! The thing that is so attractive about confident people is that there is an effortlessness about them, their grace and their style.

Now straighten up that cape (Yes, sometimes we have to be the superheroes of our own lives) and go save the day…

And whenever possible, and its always possible, be happy and show gratitude. And when you find a want ad of your dream gig, take that leap of faith and go for it…. You never know when everything will just workout wonderfully perfectly.. Best of luck. 🙂

Until next time…



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