State of being- Part 2

People often ask me who the “lucky guy” is when they hear me talk or read the stuff I write. And each time I am taken by surprise, because although there is a “lucky guy”…. That’s a secret I’ll never tell (At least not yet :))

After enduring what I can only describe as one of the most painful, soul shattering experiences of my life, I have realized one thing and that is that, I love being in love. The feeling that courses through your veins, right under your skin, that feeling which heightens your awareness, the feeling that makes you feel like your chest is about to explode…

Am I in love, you bet !!!

I believe life is too short to be anything other than happy. I’m a romantic when I’m by myself. I get lost in the feeling, its painful and sweet. I’m happily in love, no particular thing or person, just love by itself.

Do you think it possible that some people are born to give more love that they will ever get back in return?

If I ever manage to eloquently answer this, I’ll make sure I write about it…

Until then…



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