Who makes you the fairest of them all…

Being a self confessed product-junkie, I’m always trying out the latest products, and almost always I’m looking for something that’ll fix my seasonal skin woes. (Combination skin can be the worst… Gets oily as a frying pan during summer and chapped and dry during the colder months)

And the latest fad in skin care, the bb cream.. Naturally, I’ve tried them all, name the brand and I have tried it and have an opinion on it… And after years of searching, we finally have a winner, and I (am very proud to say that) have met my perfect match !!!!

And before I reveal this superhero product that saves women from bad skin the world over, an honourable mention of those of which that didn’t quite make the cut….

Bb cream by garnier
It’s the least expensive of the lot, it glides on fairly well and it’s only available in one shade… It worked for my skintone cause I’m quite fair, but it doesn’t suit the darker skin tones…

White beauty Bb cream by ponds
Very inexpensive, does not blend into the skin well, leaves it looking streaky..

Clear glow Bb cream by maybelline
Slightly more expensive, but it works like a dream… Blends in and leaves the skin looking clean and even toned… I’ve used this one for the longest time.. Available in three tones, so go find your match..

Jackie Oates Colour supplements by lush
This product although is very good and leaves the skin smelling divine, it leaves the skin looking a little bit greasy from the moment it’s applied… The only upside is that it is made from natural products, but that doesn’t count for anything when the skin looks oily and grimey… Very expensive and left me feeling very dissatisfied !

True match Bb cream by loreal
I’m usually a big fan of skin care products that leaves a little shimmer and gives the skin a glow without having to use too many products.. And this one is one of them… The only downside is that it doesn’t blend well at all… It felt streaky and made me feel conscious of my skin the entire day… Not a good sign..

And the last one on my list which also happens to be the best one of the lot is…..


All-in-one bb cream by the body shop
And we have a winner !!!!
This is one of the most amazing products I’ve ever used ! Hands down ! It blends into the skin beautifully and takes only a few moments to apply, it leaves the skin looking fresh and clean and this effect lasts all day !! This product is also the most expensive of the lot (but hey, you get what you pat for, right ?) this comes in two shades and works well on combination skin (hallelujah !!!)

In the end, when I say, mirror mirror on the wall….. The one that makes me look the fairest is the one by my beloved body shop !!

My little tip- don’t be afraid to try different products in different price range.. Sometimes the best ones aren’t always the most expensive… And even if it is, buy it anyway… As I always say, Life is too short to use cheap product !!

Until next time…




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