Wish I wrote the way I thought !!

Something I once read has stayed with me so long, it makes me weep, it makes me smile, it always stays on my mind..

That’s just it, is it not, all I want is to put my fears aside, put my thoughts into word, write down everything I think, I would definitely see a pattern, a certain name would get repeated a LOT !

I wish I wrote the way I thought;
With maddening hunger.
I’d write to a point of suffocation.
I’d write myself into nervous breakdowns,
Manuscripts spiralling out like tentacles into abysmal nothing.
And I’d write about you a lot more than I should.

To the man unknown, who wrote this poem, I just want to say, thank you !!!

Maybe someday soon, I’ll be brave enough….

Until then..



5 thoughts on “Wish I wrote the way I thought !!

      1. ..oh and the next thing you write – post it and leave me a link in case I dont find you in my feed…my feed has got terribly very long with all there is to read on wordpress!!

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