Time to Celebrate…. Everything !!

As another year comes to an end, I can’t help but feel a little sad.. Like somehow its goodbye, to what, I’m not quite sure yet, but endings of any kind or goodbyes bring out the sentimental romantic in me.. It fills me up with deep sadness, because I know that I’ll never get those moments back (even though I am not the kind to dwell in the past). 

Getting ready to big adieu to another year with celebrations….

I celebrate being alive, that I won, that I lost.

That although I was beaten, fell to my knees, I’m still here.

That I feel.


That I was remembered, that I remember.

That the breeze carried the perfume of spring.

That I laughed, that I cried, and let my heart break.

That the wind carried a message of hope.


That birds visited my window, singing their life in song.

That I received flowers, even though they were from me.

That love gave me oh so many surprises.

And filled my heart with glee.


That I was right, that I was wrong.

That I apologized, that I forgave.

That it rained and the rain forgave all of us.


That I once loved, that I dared to love again.

That all music and art were intended just for me…


I celebrate my completeness, incomplete as I am.

I celebrate my laughter breaking through my tears.


That I am imperfectly perfect in my human-ness,

Cause I am human, after all…

I celebrate because I am Me.

(These lines are Inspired by something I once read many many years ago)


Last year, on this exact day, a certain (proverbial) wheel was set in motion and I set on, on a path of no return. A choice to accept someone as family, as part of me. So my dear darling, my boy in the black suit and the blue shirt…, I choose to celebrate everything that is me, ever since you became part of  me..

Life is too short, may we all be brave enough to live the life we love and more importantly love the life we live.

Lets make NOW a joyous occasion and celebrate.

Until next time…




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