Healing our wounds with gold !!


The Japanese call this Kintsug. The belief is that the object is more valuable and beautiful with its history revealed.

Imagine a world where we could embrace our history, in other words, our wounds, and find ourselves and each other more beautiful? I think we’d be a lot nicer to each other if we could see it ! We’d take the moment to realize that each one of us has our own story of battle and hurt, of wounds that aren’t always seen and tears that aren’t always cried. If we could see, each other’s scars wouldn’t we be kinder ? After all, isn’t it the one universally applicable truth that we are all fragile beings who are on our own unique quest to find complete acceptance, even if by just one other person. (I personally think One person is plenty !!)

I recently had my very own existential crisis, it made me question my worth, my purpose, my values, who I am, who I am on my way to becoming, and it got me thinking, without all the (seemingly) Bad stuff that has happened in my life, I wouldn’t be who I am today. My body may not be covered with scars that I can fill up with gold and reveal my story. But my scars are more internal, heartbreaks that caused me unspeakable pain, now covered with the proverbial gold of gratitude. Gratitude for the lessons, for showing me a glimpse of my own personal strength, of my capacity to love another person even when none is returned. gratitude for making me into the version of me that I am truly meant to be, revealing it little by little every day.

This tradition almost felt like my own, something that was sent to me to share.

For you, my boy in the black suit and blue shirt, I know that you too have suffered a broken heart which has caused you more pain than you let on.. I also know that time has healed that, (although apprehensive you might be still) And today you stand before me as the Man all your past experiences have made you, and I can only see that proverbial golden heart, the one that makes you infinitely more valuable to me. The one that makes you, You.

For all the pain life causes us sometimes, may it all be healed with gold and reveal our truly beautiful selves.

Until next time..



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