Why I write…

If the things you read don’t stay with you long after you’ve read them, then you’re reading the wrong thing ! To me, the most powerful thing, next only to action and living the beliefs (that we so vehemently believe in), is the written word. It gives us a chance to think, to understand our inner voice, to shed inhibitions since what you write is nothing but the most intimate connection between you, your thoughts, and the pen and a paper (proverbial, of course ! for nothing other than sheer convenience, our electronic devices of choice, in reality). Who reads it, who its intended for, what if they don’t like it, all that comes a lot later. But First and most importantly it is about being comfortable to put your deepest (sometimes darkest) thoughts on paper.

Even when I was a little girl, I always found solace in writing, back then it was a journal, a set of books that had all my secrets, chronicling in great detail all the things that mattered to a younger me, the joys, the sadness, the problems that seemed unconquerable at the time, the boys I liked, the friends who were mean to me, the clothes I wanted, just about everything written with appalling spelling and my handwriting that seems to be the same even to this day. (embarrassing !!!)

Why do I write, well the answer was surprisingly simple, I write because I love to write, I write because I am constantly inspired by the things I read, I write with a hope that someday my words inspire someone, if not inspire maybe offer solace or have someone feel like they can relate, make some impact with words, since it is words that I love so much !

To write is to dare to chronicle your thoughts. to write is to let a part of you live beyond your time, to write is to simply use your voice to tell your story.

Until next time..

Live your passion…



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