Dear Tyler….


One of the first things I read this morning and one of the last things I want to share before I call it a night is a poet that reminds me of this legendary Bukowski quote (as seen in the Photograph). I recently discovered a poet named Tyler Knott Gregson on instagram and instantly fell in love with his poetry and photography !!!

On a jobless evening a few weeks back, I literally spent an entire evening scrolling down and reading all of his poems and all the stuff he has written and I was lost in the words and the raw emotion that only comes through when a man dares to live with his heart on his sleeve. Needless to say, I think his words are beautiful. And its one of his poems I woke up to this morning…

The Poem

from the Typewriter Series

I am haunted by the things I miss and the times my name doesn’t fill your mouth.

I need a word for the way that feels, for all the combinations of all the letters don’t seem to say it properly.

-Tyler Knott Gregson

After reading this particular poem, this morning (I’ve read this multiple times since he published it), I felt compelled to share it on here, and more compelled to write a fan letter to the Man himself. and it goes something like this !

Oh goodness, I feel the gleeful giddiness of a teenage fan girl… I can’t help but feel amused by this !! Its My first fan letter, so don’t judge me, or do, or whatever pleases you 🙂 (yes, its true !!! In my 26 years on this glorious planet, I have never felt this strongly about anyone enough to get starry-eyed about them) So here goes:

Dear Tyler,

Thank you for the words. Each time you choose to combine the letters and choose your words and then combine the words and write your poems, each time you tap away on the keys of your typewriter, I feel like you’re writing for me (Yes, I am foolish enough to believe that, I think the words make me naive). I hope that someday I get to meet you, and hear your words from you ! Oh how wonderful that would be… Look at me, you’ve made a fan girl out of me (who knew that it was even possible) !!! But hey, I don’t even care who knows. I’m grateful that you write what you write. I love it.. I love it. I love it. Thank you !!!

Much Love,


until next time…



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