For the love of SHOES !!

20140114-091703.jpgTo buy or not to buy, now that’s a silly question, isn’t it ? Cause I’ll always BUY ! 🙂

Visited the Bata store in my neighborhood last evening after the much dreaded doctor visit. So the great thing about this brand is that its ridiculously low priced for the adorable range they feature. I have my sights set on a few more pumps that look a LOT like (Read EXACTLY like) the Chanel ballerinas  from their latest collection. Sadly, it wasn’t available in my size and it costs only 1600 indian rupees (that is approximately 26.5 USD).

Not getting the Chanel-esque pumps worked out as a blessing in disguise for me because I ended up picking up 4 pairs of flats,(since that’s what I end up wearing everyday, for a super-low price of 1698 indian rupees (approximately 27.5 USD). WOW !!!) Why buy 1 when you can buy 4 !!

Heaven knows I love shoes. what can I say, they make me happy ! I once said to someone that I don’t care for clothes and he refused to believe me (His exact reaction: *snorts* yeah right !! YOU don’t care for clothes, that’s the funniest thing I’ve ever heard), but its true… shopping for clothes turns out to be a heartbreaking experience for me most of the time, since my size is rarely, if not never, available in the stuff that I like.. So that’s when my love for shoes comes to my rescue and un-breaks my heart and makes me smile again ! 🙂 Shoes never care if I am Fat or thin, if I was tall or short, shoes, especially the cute ones have the power to make anyone (read, any body type) look and feel like a million bucks ! I don’t know how that can ever be a bad thing !!

To my new shoes, all I want to say is, Welcome Home, my babies.. Can’t wait to wear them.

Until next time, happy shoe day to you (which I celebrate 365 days of the year).. ❤



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