Jumbo Love

20140121-191146.jpgIn one of my last travels of 2013, I visited a place about 200 kilometers from Bangalore and visited (for the second time) this temple that I like to refer to as “The Miracle Ganesha Temple” with my best friend, we both got the message and answers we were seeking and feeling greatly blessed and sure that the big guy in the sky was looking out for us, we knew the days to come would be nothing less than spectacular.

Incidentally in one of  my first travels of 2014, I had the pleasure of meeting a Temple elephant and getting blessed by him. India is definitely incredible like that. The belief is that elephants encountered during travels signify Good fortune and Abundance.

Needless to say, I was thrilled !!!

After that trip I told myself that elephants will be like a sign from the universe of the blessing that are on its way, a sign to take a moment and be grateful, and I see them more often than I expected.

Just last evening, I welcomed this pair for my table in my home office. Giving me a sign every single moment that something wonderful is just about to happen..

Feeling grateful and just great..

Until next time, Be blessed abundantly.




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