Vintage Fashion Inspiration: Jackie O


Touted to be one of the most stylish women of all time, Jackie O is one of my favourite style icons and I’m constantly trying to find clothes to style looks inspired by her..

I saw this photograph a few years back in a fashion magazine and I liked it so much, I actually cut it out and kept it aside.. And it’s only after seeing how effortlessly stylish she looks in this photo that I dared to wear ankle length trousers.. Thank you, Jackie !!!

It’s so simple, it’s almost impossible to get it wrong… White trousers, black top (since I don’t wear black, I’ll probably stick to a navy blue or a brown or charcoal grey) a sweater (same colour as the top) tied around my neck, the signature sunglasses. And I’d add nude ballerina pumps to it..

The best thing to do when you’re still trying to find your signature style is borrow from the icons, the true fashionistas !!

I’d choose this look over crop tops and shorts which leave half your bum hanging out (a la Miley) any day !!

When in doubt, go vintage 🙂

Until next time.

Keep it stylish. ❤



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