Closet full of nothing !

This advertisement pretty much sums up the universal problem all women face (or at least have faced it once in their lives), although before I assume responsibility of being a spokesperson for all the women of the world, I can certainly speak for myself ! In my time on this glorious planet, I’ve had this moment happen to me more times than I can even keep count….. Okay Okay, maybe I’m a little dramatic. (Very Dramatic).. for me, these moments are nothing short of nerve-racking !!

what can I say…. I AM very dramatic 😉 *shrugging my shoulders*

After watching this video, I decided to take matters into my own hands, literally. Firstly started by taking a second look at my wardrobe, and guess what, I too have a closet full of nothing. Clothes, accessories, shoes, bags in every style and colors, name it and its very likely that I’ll have it (more like collections of it 😉 its what I do).

So here’s what I have decided, next time I feel like I have nothing to wear, which could happen this very morning, in all likeliness, I will see how I can modify an existing outfit or accessory to give it a completely new look. Its a win-win, I love DIY projects and I love new stuff without (pretty much) going broke and I can do more with a sewing machine or a needle and thread than I let on. And one of the perks of having a puppeteer mum is that there’s always a LOT of crafty stuff readily available at home.

If this isn’t the Universe conspiring to make my life everything I hoped for, I don’t know what is ! 😀

I know the purpose of this advert is completely lost.. Sorry, retailers.

Irony… Not a fan ?

Well, if its any consolation I think its adorable and super-catchy, not to forget, a source of inspiration to my next DIY project !!

And hey, I haven’t completely renounced shopping, that would be a disaster of apocalyptic magnitude !! (Scary and Unimaginable !!!) After 21st december, 2012, I can safely say that, that is not likely to happen ANYTIME soon (Thank you, Mayans).

So that’s my challenge to myself, to make my closet fill up with more nothings before I hit the shops again !

Needless to say, it will all get chronicled on here.. So watch this space..

Wish me luck.. 🙂



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