The list !!


It’s no secret that I LOVE making lists, it’s almost therapeutic. When I’m feeling low or overwhelmed or lazy, I find a pen and a paper and start making lists, shopping list, wish list, bucket list, to do list, list of ideas for my blog, counting my blessings- list, gratitude list, lesson lists for my classes. If I can make a list out of something, needless to say, I do it.

Another thing I adore to bits- post it’s or sticky notes. The brighter the better. Incidentally, it’s one of the first things I shopped for in 2014. Neon coloured post it’s. 🙂

My newest way to motivate myself into being more productive is to display my lists. And checking things off as I go and reviewing the lists, adding new things, it’s all fun and I love it !

The upside of being organised is the ability to manage time superbly ! Lo am NEVER late for anything, ask anyone (the only downside is waiting for people who aren’t as punctual), luckily I am rarely bored when I am by myself (I love my own company)…And hey, if you love life, don’t waste time, cause what’s life made of if not time ?

So here is how I use these colourful lists- each colour is for a different purpose, the dark pink one is my shopping list, the green one for my appointments, the blue one for my blog, the light pink one to track my fitness schedule and so on. And every morning, after a hot yummy cup or coffee, obviously, I spend about ten on fifteen minutes reviewing this mosaic of Post it’s on my wall. It definitely ends in me smiling a huge smile and ready to take on the day !!

Ah, the smaller joys of life are often overlooked and we spend so much time in a state of anxiety and agitation. And when I sit to make my beloved lists, all the negative emotions melt away and I feel renewed and ready again !

So as I wrap up this post, I already have my pen and paper handy, ready to start my day..

Until next time, make lists, be happy !! ❤



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