Valentines date look

Valentines date look

This look is polished and pretty without the risk of looking older.

The look is complete with my very own dapper Chuck Bass !! To him, I say: three words, eight letters. Say it and I’m yours !! P.S- bring the cupcakes 😉

With just a few days left for valentines, it’s time to hit the shops !!

Happy shopping, happy styling..



7 thoughts on “Valentines date look

      1. I am…I get al your posts on my list! Have I missed out? I found the cupcake stand!!
        And now I want you to teach me how to add these links to the post 🙂

      2. Hehehe Okay… Its super easy… SO if you want to add links, wjat you do is you highlight the word or phrase that needs to be hyperlinked and Click on the Link button (next to the formatting buttons like Bold, Italics etc.), when you click on the link button, it’ll ask you for the address (so keep that tab open) so you can copy and paste it onto it… And publish the post as usual, the published post will have hyperlinks..

        Hope my description was clear enough 🙂

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