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20140126-081610.jpgSome of my favorite childhood memories was the Republic Day Parade that we would have in School. Its a day that we would dance and perform and march to the drumbeat, sing songs and finally end up proudly hoisting the Indian Flag and singing the National Anthem.The Republic day was the day the Indian Constitution came into force. As a child, it was a day to celebrate and have a day off from school, but having studied The Indian Constitution in Law School, I have a deeper respect for this day. A feeling of profound gratitude, for starters.

Today, its a day to wear Indian clothes, watch supremely patriotic movies, after watching the Parade, of course !

Talking about Indian Clothes, firstly, there are so many varieties to choose from, one of my favorites and Β the most glamorous outfits ever made was the Sari ! Its as simple as 6 or 9 yards of fabric that can be draped in many different ways depending on the region. Every state has its own twist on the Sari, every state has its own special kind, the Kanjeevaram, the Kerala sari (what I have worn in the Picture), Mysore silk sari, the Bengali sari and many many more. And Saris aren’t the only kind of Indian clothes either..

And lets not even get started about the accessories, Indian women have always loved dressing up, I mean seriously !! Look at all the different accessories we get to choose from, Bindis, Bangles, Jhumkas, maang tikas, anklets, belly chains, necklaces of numerous varieties, nose pins and so many more depending on the region. And the makeup, where do I even begin, the Kohl lined eyes, pretty and delicate henna or mehandi on our hands and feet, alta in all its scarlet goodness to decorate our hands and feet, the list is as big as the Indian population (its about a billion and a half.. Seriously !!).

To make the long story short, on this republic day, I couldn’t be more grateful that I am part of this glorious country with its many cultures, many fashions, many foods, many hidden treasures, many languages and many states rolled up into one massive giant called India !!!

It may not be perfect, but its home and I love it ! ❀

Happy Republic Day !!


Desi Girl πŸ™‚