DIY- baubles and blossoms hair accessories

20140131-002331.jpgHelping my mum make accessories for one of her upcoming pet projects. Today I started with hair accessories since all the material was readily available at home, so it was only a matter of deciding what to make and put them together. And I didn’t have to be asked twice either for ideas or for actually making them.

Its so easy to make and a perfect gift idea for girls of any age 🙂

Here’s what I have used:

  • Felt fabric in various colors (the brighter the better)
  • Hair pins of different sizes
  • applique flowers (bought at a neighborhood craft supplies store)
  • Sequins in different colors, shapes and sizes
  • super glue, because normal glue simply won’t do (we prefer superheroes in this household 😉 even when it comes to glue)
  • Scissors
  • a sheet of paper to make stencils
  • pencils

Tip- You can also use beads, sparkles, little flowers made with ribbons,lace, paper  flowers, the possibilities are endless !!

How its made:

  • Cut out stencils in paper in different shapes, my personal favorites are daisy-shaped flowers, you could make hearts since valentines day is right around the corner
  • Using the stencils to make it look uniform, cut the felt fabric
  • using super glue, stick each piece of felt that has been cut into different shapes onto the hairpins and let it dry
  • After the felt fabric is securely attached onto the hairpins, use sequins, beads, sparkles, beads, flowers made out of ribbons, pretty much anything you can get your hands on.
  • After decorating it to your heart’s content, leave it alone for the glue to dry.

Viola !!!

Pretty little hair accessories are ready to be worn or given away as gifts…

Easy- Peasy…

Try it out and let me know if you love it !!

Until next time..



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