Happy Birthday, Facebook !

20140204-214116.jpgHeavens know I’ve had a very hate-love relationship with the Social Network !! For the longest time, I refused to create an account, my reason was that I had Twitter for fun and LinkedIn for Professional Networking, what more could I need ??

And then one fine day, early 2012, I decided (I’m guessing in a moment of temporary insanity) to join THE (oh-so-famous) Social Network. And About two years later, my love-hate relationship continues.. Either I LOVE it and feel absolutely grateful for it or I HATE it completely, for all the time end up wasting mindlessly scrolling through the infinite loop that is, the Newsfeed. But no matter what, the one thing I wont ever be about it and that Lukewarm… 

Like all the good (or bad) things in my world, I feel quite passionately about it.. Halfway is no way as far as I am concerned !! 

On its 10th Birthday, I decided I’d like to do my favourite thing (Make lists) and here it is…

My list of 10 things that I LOVE or HATE about Facebook

#10- Umm.. where did the time go ??

I waste way too much time on it, sometimes completely forgetting that I actually have a life outside the network !!

For someone who loves saying “life is too short…. I sure do spend an awful lot of time on fb… *gasp*


#9- Virtual Socializing

I get to virtually socialize with a LOT of people that don’t either have time or make time for me. Perfect way to keep in touch without leaving the house, even more perfect for a lazy girl like me..


#8- Small Town- Facebook. Population- 1.2 billion people and counting..

It has started to feel like a small town, the most judgmental small town in the world. enough said !!


#7- The best possible source of entertainment on a long commute..

Long bus rides or cab rides are never the same because you always have your friends with you, reading incoherently jumbled posts,scrolling through photographs of memorable and mundane moments, Sharing videos, photos and whatever your heart desires..


#6- The ever-changing and often cumbersome Privacy settings

Okay, This I definitely HATE !! Its as scary as it is difficult.. Just when you think you’ve started to get the hang of it, they go and change it !! Being a self confessed technologically-challenged woman, this doesn’t bode too well with me !


#5- It has brought the world closer. 

The geographic barriers no longer seem relevant, I can stay in touch with my friends in Australia as easily and effortlessly as I do with my friends who live in my neighborhood… If that isn’t something to love, I don’t know what is !!


#4- Trending Topics

The latest introduction that has been recycled off of twitter is the trending topics, Whats next a little round blue bird as the logo.

Stick to what makes you YOU !!!

I already have twitter, don’t need two of them… I like you because you’re facebook, Stay Original, please !


#3- The (in)famous Hashtags

Personally, I adore using Hashtags… I use them ALL the time.. I think that the only people who hate hashtags are the ones who don’t know how to use it…

#this #is #not #how #you #use #hashtags

When you realize how to use it, you’ll love it too !!! 🙂


#2- The “LIKE if you have a heart” posts, complete with the super-depressing Photograph !

This one really annoys me.. I almost always want to post a snarky comment on how I seem to be existing without a heart !! Medical Miracle Alert, ya’ll.. 😉 

I’ve never done it though !! Instead, I just keep scrolling, because no one (including  me) likes trolls…

But it doesn’t change the fact that it is horrible and needs to stop.. Like NOW !!



#1- Reconnected me to my boy in the black suit and blue shirt !!!

About a month after joining the Social Network, I found this familiar looking boy on the sidebar on my screen as “someone I might know” and after almost a long gap of not being in touch, there he was again !!! One Click away from being back. And How…

I can’t deny one thing, And that is this, It’ll always be part of the story I will tell, now and always… 

LOVE, LOVE and LOVE it some more !!! 

There are plenty more, but 10 things on the 10th birthday has a good ring to it, don’t you think ?

Until next time…

Happy Birthday, my beloved facebook !


I like you because you’re facebook,


2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Facebook !

    1. Thank you so much 🙂 So glad you enjoyed it… Love it, hate it, its impossible to ignore it… 🙂 That’s possibly what makes fb so special to us all !! 🙂

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