Week 5/52- OOTD

Week 5/52 of my 52 weeks of fashion…

What can I say, “52 weeks of fashion” is one of the most fun ideas I’ve ever had… I hope you are enjoying the looks and the tips as much as I am in putting it all together.

I’ve ALWAYS loved fashion. Dressing up, experimenting with looks, colors, patterns and cuts is something I most love ! If I am not dressing up, I am constantly thinking about it. If I am not thinking about it, I keep busy with the DIY projects (most of which involve dressing up in some form 🙂 or the other) and the rest of the time I am bargain-hunting… What can I say, I am the girlie-est girl there is and I wouldn’t have it any other way.. 🙂

Here are a few looks from week 5, the rest of the days, I chose to work from home a couple of days, so invariably I was in PJs and tees, not a look I’d like to chronicle on here…

So here goes…


A day that mainly consumed my time in finishing a ton of pending work, followed by an outing to the Circus in the night. Long but fun day.

What I wore: Black and white floral Printed jeans, cream colored lace top.Beige Pumps and a Matching Handbag.

Hair, makeup and the other stuff: Just out of bed hair, my signature kohl rimmed eye makeup, nude lip balm. Big silver watch, Pinki Rings.

Tip of the day: Experiment with mixing textures and colors that aren’t very common, you never know when you might create a look that is stunning ! Off the top of my mind, I’d like to try wearing leather (or faux leather) leggings with lace. It might just strike the right kind of balance between the androgynous and feminine looks…

Note to self: Got to try it out



Again turned out to be a LONG workday followed by an outing at the movies.

What I wore: Peach jeans, White printed teeshirt, gold pumps.

Hair, makeup and the other stuff: Hair pulled back in a sleek pony tail, my signature kohl rimmed eyes, pinki rings and the big watch.

Tip of the day: For the perfect Kohl rimmed eyes that never get smudged or ruined ,use a liquid eye-liner and draw on a line (I prefer the liner to be on really thick and usually end it with a winged tip) of your desires thickness, let it dry and open your eyes really wide and along the lash-line apply a line on the bottom as well, starting from the inner corners, all the way to the end where it meets the liner from the eyelids.. Ideally, the outline should end up looking almond-shaped. Then take a soft kohl or eye pencil and line the inner rims of your eyes. Finish it off with a generous dose of mascara. You can finish this look by adding just a little dab of highlighter on the corners of your eyes and at the arch of your eyebrows..

Once you get the hang of it, it won’t take more than 5 minutes to do this super-glam but surprisingly easy look.20140205-120105.jpg


My sunday was all about lazing around, driving my mum to and from an exhibition where she was one of the participants. Lazy, sunny and simple. Just how a sunday should  be..

What I wore: A floral multi-hued dress, black heels.

Hair, makeup and the other stuff: A printed ribbon tied up like a hairband. The look had a very retro feel to it, so I played it up by finally putting on the oversized Cat-eye sunglasses. No Makeup except for nude tinted lip balm.

Tip of the day: While wearing multi-colored clothes especially in bold prints like the one I have worn in this Photograph, Keep the accessories and makeup neutral, for a fun yet polished look !!


So that what my week 5 looked. A thousand apologies for the blurry pics, Sadly the shaky hands continue from the course of anti-biotic medicines from a bout of sickness from earlier in the month..

More coming soon, hopefully I wont be this late anymore.

Until next time.



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