Forgiveness and a Clean Slate


Although life has been going fairly spectacularly lately, I’ve had this small nagging feeling. A blog post i read recently by a fellow wordpress blogger has been on my mind because I knew that doing this exercise will help me, help the part of me that is still struggling, despite all the good that is going on in my life. The day I read this post, I knew I wanted to try this forgiveness exercise. I wanted to do it the same day, but LIFE took over, I had meetings after meetings that got lined up, work got crazy and all the things I Needed to do got prioritized over all that I wanted to do.

Finally, Today, after what started off as one of the best days of this year so far, I was sitting around thinking, taking stock of life. And I felt like what better time than NOW to do this. So without wasting another second, I pulled out my book and pen and started the exercise.

Here’s what the exercise required:

I was to write a letter of forgiveness to the person or organization that hurt you the most.

  • What the person did that hurt me
  • Why I am still angry or resentful
  • I forgive the person
  • Why I forgive the person

And I did exactly that… I wrote a long (Long overdue, as well) letter listing all the things I wanted to say, all that had hurt me and made me angry, resentful and sad. I forgave this person and wrote the reasons for my doing so, as well..

What happened during the course of this exercise was extraordinary, as I was writing the letter, my emotions started welling up and I started to get angry and my handwriting went from pretty normal to barely legible by the end of it, my hands were shaking but I pushed myself to write them anyway, I was opening up old wounds, after all. I ended the letter by forgiving this person and stating reasons for doing so.

After writing this letter, which was about 8 pages long. I sat and stared at the way it looked for a few seconds, took a deep breath, a cleansing deep breath drawn in to get all the good energy from the world and let a long hiss-y breath out to push out all the negative toxins from my body..

Yes, you guessed it right… I’m a yogi and I take breathing very seriously. 🙂

 After the deep breath, I read and reread the letter out loud, once that was done, I made an affirmation that I will release all the pain associated with this person and the letter, tore it into tiny pieces and put it in the trash can.

I took a few deep cleansing breaths, and as I was doing that I could feel the pain, the resentment and all the other toxic energy melt away. And I felt free. I felt light. And I haven’t looked at the mirror yet, but I won’t be surprised if I am glowing.

This process works. This exercise works. And as I end this post, I just want to say Thank you, Mercedita. Thank you for sharing.

Thank you for helping me reach this point of the proverbial clean slate.

With gratitude and love

Until next time.




5 thoughts on “Forgiveness and a Clean Slate

    1. It works like magic… Try it out. 🙂 After doing this, I’m feeling so peaceful and light !! Like a huge weight has been lifted… Try it and lemme know if it worked for you, vaish ! 🙂

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