The best is yet to come, indeed !!

20140206-125409.jpgThe latest turn of events in my life and all around me  lately have been so wonderfully gratitude-inducing, it makes me feel speechless !! But I am going to try to express it anyway, since there’s nothing more I believe than this: An unexpressed gratitude is like an un-delivered gift !! It shouldn’t be done !

If you believe in living every moment like something wonderful is about to happen, there are two possible outcomes:

  1.  You live with a sense of great excitement and delicious anticipation
  2.  Something wonderful does indeed happen

And since reading The Secret in 2010, that has been my state of being ! And enough can’t be said about how much life has changed since. As I sit here writing this, looking back and connecting the dots, I feel nothing but grateful.

Isn’t it a wonderful thought that some of our best moments haven’t happened yet ? Life is nothing short of wonderful, when we realize that some of our best moments are yet to happen. Some of our biggest blessings are on their way. Some of our greatest milestones, some of our biggest achievements, some of our most memorable moments are coming soon… (Sooner than we think)

And if that’s not something to be grateful for, I don’t know what is !!!

Here’s my prediction on what’s coming in the future: The best, of course !

Until next time..

With only gratitude and love.



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