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When I was counting down to this milestone, I thought, Hey ! couldn’t it be great if I wrote my hundredth post on the hundredth day ? And I don’t know how I managed it, But this right now is my 100th post and there’s still 40 minutes left of my 100th day !

Its amazing how everything lines up so perfectly sometimes !

I can honestly say, everything on here is something I love, hate or feel very strongly about ! I never do anything just for the heck of doing it. I can’t bring myself to do anything that I don’t feel strongly about… Isn’t it true after all that the price we pay for anything is the life we exchange for it !

When you do everything with love, it becomes part of us. It retains part of us within itself…

So here’s MY blog, something I love. Something I am proud of. Something I can come back and read many many years from now..

Until we meet again…