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On the 100th day of blogging, I figured I’ll tell you a little more about me, this idea came to me after reading the about page that I wrote on day 1 and its a bit vague, So staying completely true to myself, I’m going to list out a few lesser known facts about your favorite blogger (Ahem,,,,) (If I am not, yet, I hope to be one day soon.)

Here goes:

5 lesser known facts:

#5- I am named after Madhuri Dixit, The Indian (read Bollywood) Superstar..

#4- I am a true-blue taurean.. (Read Stubborn, Possessive, Fiercely Loyal and all that)

#3- I am extremely superstitious ! 

#2- I have a mole inside my eye, right next to my eyeball. (totally freaks people out !!).

and finally…

#1- My favorite numbers are 23 and 5

Not so lesser known anymore.. 🙂 I’m sure there are plenty more, but that’s for another day…

Until then,

Love always..