Fashion Inspiration: Victoria Beckham



Victoria Beckham has been one of my favorites since she was a spice girl.. In the 90s, I was a tiny little pre-teen who wanted to BE Posh spice.

The 90s, which, lets be honest, wasn’t the greatest decade for fashion and trends. But being a 90s kid, there are parts of the decade I will always love (I’ve got a bit of a sentimental heart, like that). And Posh Spice tops that list.

She went from being an international pop star to a footballer’s wife to mum of 4 to fashion designer effortlessly ! Is there something this girl can’t do ??

She’s got a fabulous bod, Loves heels, rumored to have the biggest collection of Hermès Berkins in the world, she’s inked, and true trendsetter ! This girl single handedly brought the Bob back in style,  When all the other girls in hollywood were keeping their mane in soft long waves, she rocked the graduated bob.

I love almost everything she wears, be it the mini dresses, the pencil dresses, the colored jeans, the gowns, just about everything she wears, is something I would definitely wear.. This picture is one of my favorite looks ! She looks sleek, polished and the hat covering her eyes just adds the sense of mystery that has a true super star quality !! There is no denying that Posh Beckham is one of my fashion idols and I keep getting inspired by her style. I figure, you can never go wrong if your fashion inspo is called Posh !!

To make me love her more, according to her latest announcement at the New York Fashion Week which was her 10th  time at the prestigious event, proving to the critics that she is in the big leagues when it comes to fashion !! the next thing we can expect from her are a line of footwear. And in the distant future menswear, with a muse like David Beckham, it can’t fail… (have you seen the H&M underwear ad ?? who am I kidding, we all have, haven’t we <3)

For now, I can hardly wait to see what kinda shoes her line will feature, I can safely guess that there will be a lot of high heels !! A woman after my own heart, this one !! And after all these years, I may no longer be a pre-teen (And thank god for that), But I still want to BE Posh Beckham !!

Until next time..

Being Posh !!



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