Most Valuable Life Lesson

20140220-193758.jpgSometimes the most insignificant things consume the most time and energy, its only when we stop to take stock that we realize how much time we have wasted on things that don’t matter at all..

Just today, a friend of mine evidently took offence to some picture I had shared on a popular social networking site earlier this week which resulted in him writing a long blog post on how the meme represents the growing insensitivity (he managed to add sadism, cruelty, bullying among other things. into the mix) among people..

I have learnt one lesson repeatedly over the years and that is, you cant please everyone, so don’t even bother trying. Always stay true to yourself, be happy with the person you are shaping up to be with each choice you make. Life is meant to be lived fearlessly, un-apologetically and gracefully. Be careful what you invest yourself in, for the price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it.. (somebody rather wise said that, I can’t remember who)…

Life stops being fun if all your time is consumed in bickering, whining and always proving a point. in retrospect, it just looks like a life wasted… I refuse to let every joke I hear to be turned into a big “cause” ! If something is funny, I will laugh and (tell the joke while laughing the whole time and when no one else finds it nearly as hilarious as I do) then move on.. 🙂

Life is too short to be serious ALL the time, Lighten up, why don’t you !! When you do, you’ll soon realize that life is full of fun little surprises that will get you laughing,  you might even fall off your high horse, I kid you not !! 😉

I definitely count this as my favorite life lessons…

Time is linear and that’s the beauty of life !!


Until next time,

Make NOW count…



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