For the Love of Love !!

One of the most tragic thing ever is when a person becomes so busy making a living that he forgets to make a life… I’m beginning to notice this very saddening trend way too often among my friends, I guess that’s just the norm in any group of 20-somethings, Isn’t it so true that each of us is more competitive and ambitious than the next. We all want better lives, better jobs, bigger promotions, bigger pay, bigger cars, better toys, bigger houses, to live in big cities and race against the clock, live faster, and why not !!!!.. For the most part, we are all so caught up in this race that we forget that there’s something more important we are missing out on and how..

Having never been a “workaholic” (not even remotely so), I’ve always been clear that a job is just that… A job… Its not (and will never be) my whole life. Its part of life, a pretty big part, perhaps, but never my whole life.Β Work is like Seasoning, it makes the food taste yummy, but try eating just the seasoning…. Can’t do it, can you ?? Work is great and very required for a “yummier” life (so to speak), I feel a bigger sense of Loyalty to people, and isn’t that how it should be. But I’m increasingly finding myself feeling caught up by it..Β 

Neither am I one of those “pseudo philosophical” people who attribute all the evils in the world to Money. Someone once told me (and quite accurately so) that the only people who claim that money doesn’t buy happiness are the ones who don’t have any..Β Don’t let anyone kid you, Money is very important, it makes life comfortable, it gives you choices that you won’t have if you don’t have money. I’m possibly (definitely) one of the most materialistic people there is.. But money in itself is never enough

In our final moments, we don’t wonder about our bank accounts or how our bosses perceive us, or whether the people in our lives are impressed by our swanky new toys… Having had two very close brushes with death in the recent past, near accidents that would’ve been fatal which were missed by a fraction of a second and by what I believe to be the big guy in the sky looking out for me, I can promise you, that those things (I am so busy chasing after) weren’t even on my mind.. I didn’t worry about or fear death either. Death, after all is an inevitability that makes life more meaningful (It isn’t intended to scare the living day-lights out of us…. It just is.. Reality).. THE only thought that consumed my mind was, did I love enough… Do the people I love know that I love them. Because, in the end, the only thing that matters is love.

It’s amusing (now) to remember that an old friend of mine was always very put off by how morbid I can be sometimes. And I don’t hold grudges about that either.. After all, I’m too busy being in love with the people I love to waste any time holding grudges or being angry about things I can’t change..

Sometimes I blame Technology for making life too convenient, we seem to think its okay not to make an effort anymore. I’m connected to my closest friends on every social media platform there is, except in reality (for the most part, at least…. I tend to be slightly dramatic sometimes πŸ˜‰ okay okay !!! Very dramatic, always…)..

I remember the time when I knew all my friends telephone numbers without even having to look at a phone-book and I’d pick up the phone, simply because it rang, not knowing who it could be, screening calls was unheard of. Back then, socializing meant meeting over a cup of coffee (Hahaha, I’m not as OLD as I sound), Now, my friends and I see each other on the virtual playground, notifications are the way to know that the conversation is still on, Yes, its convenient, yes, it saves a LOT of time and efforts, Yes, it is the easy way out.. And why else wouldn’t it be the most preferred thing in the world, since we are all always so busy anyway…

I was chatting with my best friend this morning, and we realized that its been rather long since we met, every time we make plans, work or something else comes in the way… Another friend of mine who I haven’t met in a while because he’s too busy building his business. Even my own brother, who lives in a five minute driving distance from me, I don’t meet as often as I would’ve liked.. And many many more with their own priorities….

To be honest, I’mΒ  most grateful for people like these, because I know that no time or distance can diminish my love for them, I can’t imagine being compulsive and keeping score when it comes to meeting people, I get uncomfortable when I feel like I am being compelled to meet or talk to someone… Which is why I seldom text my friends first, I can’t bare the thought that anyone would feel compelled to reply JUST because (Do unto others…). You know I’m around when you need me.. (Now you know why I HATE texting first)…

To my busy-bee friends, all I have to say is, I’m thrilled for you, for your successes, for the price you pay for all your accomplishments, your work ethic is admirable, and no one deserves it more than you.. And if there’s ONLY one thing I wish for you to know is that I miss you, and Love you even more…

For the love of love, its time for me to realize that while I’m racing and running and chasing after things, it is TIME that’s racing ahead of us all… And it’s got a HUGE head-start too.. Before the inevitable, do something you love, be happy, watch a movie, sing your favorite song, kiss your kids (if you’re lucky enough to have them), be obnoxious with your best friends, crack silly jokes, even if you’re the only one who finds it funny (story of my life: feeling so breathless because of all the laughing that no one else even understands the joke *shrugging my shoulders*), cry a little, just slow down enough to allow yourself to feel. To love. To live… Since my weekend has JUST begun, I intend to do just that… Join me, won’t you ?

Until next time, Happy Weekend.. πŸ™‚



7 thoughts on “For the Love of Love !!

  1. Oh my!! I was about to write about how Whatsapp has taken over face to face coffee meetings…guess I still will but I am going echo some of your thoughts from here πŸ™‚

    1. Hahaha True no !!! I get so annoyed that this has now become the acceptable standard for staying in touch… hehe πŸ™‚ Looking forward to your post…

    1. Tragic but true…. I’m hoping that we don’t waste so much time that we’ll live to see that day…

      Here’s to seizing the day !!! πŸ™‚

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