Status: Work-In-Progress

The View from my desk

The View from my desk

On this very slow workday, I couldn’t help but set tighter deadlines for myself to set a better tone for the week ahead. Mondays per se don’t bother me too much and today isn’t an exception either… ūüėÄ

The day started rather well, with me waking up ahead of my alarm, finishing my workout, shower and getting ready in time, and even the drive to work wasn’t too bad, the weather was the perfect bangalore weather, slightly overcast skies with the sun playing peek-a-boo.. Perfect way to start my day right ?

After getting to work, I noticed that the coffee machine was broken… But even that wasn’t enough to make me feel bad today.. I take it as a sign that I need to cut down my¬†caffeine intake, anyway…

As I always do, to keep up my efficiency, I take short breaks of two or three minutes each, every hour and a half or so.. During one such breaks, I couldn’t help but think of how important it is to be self-motivated.. The only person who can push us beyond our limits and break barriers to get to a place of excellence is ourselves.. (with or without coffee).

The way to be a self-starter is simple, there are hunderds, if not thousands of articles and motivational quotes and pictures that tell you how, but in the simplest way, without adding too many flourishes, I can sum it up in these steps:

  • set goals
  • set a pace or a deadline
  • execute
  • with a wonderful sense of accomplishment,¬†set a new goal
  • and Repeat

Simple enough, right ? except that is not all, one of the most important thing you an do for yourself during this ¬†is¬†to stop and take stock. And by that, I don’t mean start¬†criticizing and fixating on the flaws and shortcomings, but just take a moment to¬†Appreciate You. Reward yourself for a job well done, treat yourself to a candy bar or a cake when you receive a big compliment on your work, Indulge in spa treatments at the end of a particularly long stressful week, go away on weekend getaways with your beloved, road-trips are always great fun.

Many a times, we get so caught up in chasing the BIG dreams, the big house, the big car and so on that we forget that the the little ones are very important as well.. What is life, if not the journey itself, you might as well enjoy it..

Often we forget that we accomplish more when we feel good.. So go ahead, find your bliss and turn your monday blues into a sunshiny-yellow..



2 thoughts on “Status: Work-In-Progress

    1. Awww Don’t worry, You’ll get a job soon… And then you won’t have the free time you have now… so enjoy the holidays while you can… ūüėČ

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