So my title comes with a Hashtag because, I recently started this Photo A Day challenge on one of the social media sites called #100HappyDays where I chronicle at least one thing that makes me happy in the form of a photograph for one hundred days…. And the point of this is to stop and smell the proverbial roses… Naturally, I loved the idea enough to want to participate !!

But that isn’t what this post is about ! This challenge has made me focus on happiness even when I’m done posting my Happiness photo for the day ! What a Joy it is, this feeling… There are some things that never fail to make my heart smile…

here are a few things that made me feel happy just TODAY !!!

  • Realizing Today is the 23rd (I’m kinda sorta in love with this number 😉 In case you hadn’t already noticed)
  • Finally feeling confident to pull off Aviator Sunglasses. Yes, that happened today.. 😀
  • Reading an AMAZING prediction for Taurus for the coming week (Yep, I read this stuff, It makes me happy… And I do believe in this stuff)
  • Waking up from a pretty Fantastic dream…. If its true that dreams are indicative of our deepest desires, then last night’s dream was SPOT ON !!
  • Having spent the morning listening to all my favorite songs while I write.
  • Seeing New Follower Notification 😀 To all my followers, I just want to say Thank you for taking the time out to read my posts, and liking it enough to follow… 😀 Not gonna lie, It’s a thrill every time I see the little orange plus sign or a star on the corner of my page !
  • Realizing that I can afford to buy a new car for my Birthday…
  • Not being all that bothered about getting older (For the first time in a long time)

And many more little things that make me feel blessed… Counting my blessings, its the most wonderful feeling.. And for now all I can think is 100 happy days are no where near enough ! For me it’s 365 days of happiness, each year.

Have a happy Sunday !



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