CatchLight: The Quintessential Shot

2014-03-30 16.54.31

Every photographer has one of these photos, whether he’s a professional or an amateur… This kind of a mirror selfie is what I refer to as a Quintessential shot….

Having manifested a DSLR this past week, I can hardly be stopped… I’ve been spening a good part of my long weekend going *click click click* and exploring all its features…

To my BIGGEST surprise, This “quintessential shot” of mine got featured on a website called and heavens know that I love when such fun things happen unexpectedly !! So that’s quite a way to start a new year (Which is Today… Its the Hndu New Year and Its called Ugadi)

Here’s to a great start to a new year.. Just when you feel like Life couldn’t get any better, it does…. 🙂

Happy Ugadi… ❤



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