If the world was gone tomorrow…

Life’s value lies in its uncertainty. The past week has been a mixed bag for me, it started off by being about the celebration of my mum’s milestone birthday, and that obviously meant a lot of shopping, eating and celebrations at home.and as the week progressed, as the week passed by, I started a detox therapy, which is more spiritual and emotional than physical, contrary to what I expected it to be… The week ended rather sadly with the passing of the mother of one of my friends… Very sudden. Very unexpected… And after the moment of shock had passed, I couldn’t help but say a silent prayer to keep my loved ones safe and out of harm’s way…

This poem I read last night seems quite apt for my present state of mind…

While we break down, the world is turning

And while we run, it turns as well

If we’re at peace or if we’re burning

There is no way the world can tell


And if the world was gone tomorrow

Then I would spend tonight with you

It’s one last night that I would borrow

Which otherwise I’d never do


I know I stunned you with my actions

I know I broke you with my words

Since I’m not sharing your affections

I cannot know how much it hurts


Wish I could love you every minute

I do agree my heart is dumb

I wish you were completely in it

I wish I didn’t feel this numb


Now you’re alone with all your sorrow

And there’s nothing I can do

But if  the world was gone tomorrow

Then I would spend tonight with you.


-G Smith

The beauty of life is that we only have NOW, tomorrows are never promised, and when we get them, the least we should do, is be grateful. So all we can do is grab life by the balls and live the hell out of it… 🙂

Have a safe and joyous weekend..



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