Of Birthdays and Lessons Learnt…

Fresh off the celebration of turning another year older (yes, Yesterday was my birthday !!! Yay !! 🙂 ), I can’t help but take stock of my life. If I’m honest with myself, I am not exactly where I want to be (Are any of us ? Ever…..). But I’m not completely off the mark either (thankfully)..

Professionally, I’m doing exactly what I had always hoped for.. Being good at what I do, its a pretty great gig with a world renowned organization, its pretty perfect !

Personally… oh well, the lesser I talk about this, the better I feel… Lets just say, its not exactly what I had hoped for. And I am not ready to confront it yet… So for now, its status quo.

There are certain lessons I have learnt and re-learnt along the way, during my stint here.. And obviously, I would love to make a list of those now in no particular order.. 🙂

Lesson #1- Quality over Quantity

This pretty much applies to EVERYTHING… Friends, Food, Music, Relationships,Fitness, experiences in life, just about everything in life.

 Lesson #2- Family Over Everything else

Enough said… 🙂

Lesson #3- I wasn’t put on this Glorious earth to please anyone..

This has got to be the most Liberating lessons ever !! The day I realized that I am here for my own unique purpose, to live my own unique life, and not for the purpose of pleasing anybody, I was able to accept my life as MY own… My choices, my consequence… MY LIFE..

Lesson #4- My ability to love

So this is possibly the most universal lesson yet its also most unique, my ability to love another person who is the family my heart has chosen, the depths in which I love him, never ceases to astound me. (yes, I am talking about my Gombe)

Lesson #5- My BIGGEST strength is my Love for myself

The day I completely fell in love with myself was the day I felt like I can’t imagine my life any other way… Of course, I still get a little insecure from time to time, I try and change myself so that I can keep getting better and better… But that unconditional love and acceptance I feel for myself has changed my life !!

Lesson #6- Life is too Short…

No, this isn’t just one of my favorite things to say, its the fact of life… Before we know it, time races past us… And the only thing we can do, instead of feeling terrified is to just Live… Breathe in and out, take in all our experiences, find beauty in each moment, for no two are alike (WOW, that isn’t only true for snow flakes)…

Lesson #7- Money doesn’t always buy Happiness ? 

Well, I have my own version of this.. Yes, Money is very important, it buys us a good life, luxuries,comfort, and yes that does make me happy as well… But it doesn’t buy Love, Loyalty, Manners Character or Class. (And many more things, I’m sure, but I cant really think of more at the moment). And the lack of these doesn’t make me happy either…

Lesson #8- You can’t change people….

So here’s a dirty little secret, You can’t change ANYONE. Not your parents, not your significant other, not even your kids (even though you brought them into the world)… You can only love them.. or not :P. You can only choose to accept them as they are or not… Either way, it is exactly as they are… If you try to change someone, Its already a Ticking count down of the disaster that is sure to happen.

Hmmm so I guess those are a few lessons that I count important enough to be shared… I hope there are lessons in there are you can relate to, or learn (painlessly) from… And if it affects you, in a positive way, I’m glad…

Until Next time…

I’m just grateful I’m still here.. ❤



4 thoughts on “Of Birthdays and Lessons Learnt…

  1. About the “status quo” – screw what anyone thinks. It’s OUR choice. (So what a female coder can’t be well-dressed, wear heels, read Vogue or have pink hair. What century do you live in?)

    You’re absolutely perfect the way you are, Madhuri. ❤ And anyone who has a problem with that deals with some moronic drivel of a sort thinking. Yay for realisation!

  2. I think the trick is to appreciate ourselves as we are in this moment while also accepting that with each new moment we should become better/more/change into a person a little bit different. How about that? 🙂

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