An ode to Love

Being in love is so universal, yet it is so unique. My love may be completely different from your love, the object of your love may be the complete opposite of mine. Yet when we attempt to put them down in words, your words may be the same as mine… I might completely relate to every word, feel like it was written keeping me in mind. That’s the power of Love and that’s also the awesome power of the written word !

Here’s a poem written by a sweer friend of mine, and its like I couldn’t have said it better myself:

Happiness was easy but delight still daunted,

Contentment was simple, but exhilaration still haunted,

Purgatory or Hades, on me the choice was thrust,


A life so unfulfilled, desires ground to dust.

The beauty of your love shone through,

clouds of doom ripped apart,


The sun shone brighter, as sunshine filled

my heart,

As now when I gaze at the heavens, only

one thought begins to start,


I will continue to love you; till death will do

us part.

In my heart now resides hope, faith and love,


Sublime in their presence, severe in their 



And the greatest of these is love,


For it now gives my life meaning

Gorgeous are these mornings, over which

rejoicing birds flew,


Romance kissed evenings, fluttering

meadows adorned with dew.


Your fragrance spreads in my heart, a tribute

to your creator too,

When you brought sunshine into my life,

how far can light be from you ? 


when I now count my blessings,

when I now count my fortunes, I always

start with you.


And which is why my sweet sunshine…..

I just can’t live without you.


– Devina Trivedi

Sigh…. Love…. To the one who makes me feel like this, you should know, I’m glad I’m in love with you… ❤



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