A Dedication: Mammaa <3


What can I say to express my love or thank the woman who brought me into this world ? I don’t think the english language is adequate enough to do justice to how I feel…

Mammaa, You’re the reason I’m here. You taught me how to talk, sit, walk, just about everything I am, I’ve learnt by watching you ! And I can say, I’ve been blessed enough to get to learn from the best !

Mother’s day to me is ever single day… I celebrate you every day cause I get to be here another day and be your little girl !! 😀

I may not be perfect, I may even be difficult sometimes.. But I’m still learning.. Still working on polishing off the rough edges, trying to be the best version of me… And I do, only because you’re an awesome mom and you deserve the best version of me, your little girl…

I know I may not be the most demonstrative person, but under the cool exterior is a volcano of love.. And you know that, after all you made me 🙂

Every day that I am here is a testament of my love for you, my beautiful mother !

I love you more than I love myself… I love you more than anything… And one day, I’ll be a mom myself, and I’ll count myself lucky if I’m even half as good as you… I can go on and on and on, and this post would never end 🙂 But the gist of my story is simple…

In one line I can sum it up….

I love you most.

Happy Mother’s Day !!


Your littlest one. Mama’s girl for life…



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