CatchLight: Rain rain, don’t go away !

20140520-162834-59314575.jpgAfter what felt like one of the hottest longest summer, its raining now and making my beautiful city cool and wonderful again…

Something about this weather brings out the Romantic in me… Maybe its the fact that its so chilly or that its suddenly dimly lit or maybe its just the smell of the water hitting the earth…

This moment seems all too perfect except my man isn’t with me, cause I’m at work…. Oh well, here’s hoping that the monsoons last really long this year. So I’ll have plenty of chances to be with him and be silly in the rain, or maybe just watch it pitter patter outside our window while we stay warm and cozy indoors…

So my dear Rain, please don’t go away…..

Not just yet… ❤

Rain Rain, Don’t go away,

I promise, I’ll be good

Please won’t you stay ?




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