Catchlight: Happiest Birthday, Love

20140523-071547-26147639.jpgSo today happens to be a doubly special day… Ever since I can remember, I’ve loved this date, every year, something wonderful has happened and I’ve had some reason or the other to celebrate. And then I met my boy in black suit and blue shirt, whose birthday happens to be today as well !!! *its a sign* right ? Well, I’d like to think so…

Anyway, this picture, the quote and this post is my dedication to him on his big day !!

Dear you,

I fell in love with you without realizing it, without realizing when or why ! All I know is that I do.. You’re the family that my heart has chosen. You’re the love of my life. You’re part of my being in a way that I can never erase… And never want to either !!

Hope all your dreams come true and have the happiest birthday, my love !!

I’m just glad I met you. I hope you know that.

I love you, always !!





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