Maami Cooks : Chocolate Cups

Heaven in a cup… #maamiinmelbourne ❤

Maami in Melbourne

Umm....ummmm....ummmmmm Umm….ummmm….ummmmmm

My Husband – How’s this classified under cooking?

Me – Just like that!

My Husband – doesn’t even need a 3rd ingredient! It’s not cooking

Me – my blog, my rule 😀

Husbands, I tell you are getting very wise these days…sigh! But what’s a girl got to whip up when you need that for more than 20 people she just wants an excuse to consume chocolate? I think these are the perfect make ahead dessert cups ever! They don’t need refridgeration. And it has only 2 ingredients!

Holy toledo, I am sold already!

+ it’s chocolate…need I say more?

Just get on with it, you say? Here you go 🙂


  1. Chocolate cups – get them from Coles, they are the perfect one bite size OR you could make your own
  2. Condensed milk

How to

  1. Remove the chocolate cups and place them on the platter
  2. Fill it up with condensed milk

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