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Found this photo on my phone a the most perfect moment.. Lately everything has been too hectic, work pressures are high, haven’t met my best friend in weeks, cause she’s busy too. Everything seems to have settled into a mundane routine, no time to even write a proper post…

And then I found this!

It reminds me of one of my favorite sports moments captured in a photo! On match day, 21st April, 2014, this guy, Mikel Arteta lost his tooth during the game and still smiled, this big bloody toothy grin! I mean, seriously, how cute is this guy!!!

Fun fact: Arsenal won that game! 😀 *claps*

Its literally these small things that stay with me for the longest time…

Often times life may knock you down, even break your teeth, Smile anyway…

Until next time,

Counting my blessings..