Origami Decor

Great idea for a quick makeover to your living space or for gifting!! The possibilities are endless!

Maami in Melbourne

It’s been a while isn’t it? Missed me? 

Well….I hope so! I have been caught up with some family stuff, a mini vacation and oodles of craft inspiration. And off late, Origami is big on my mind…BIG really! I see it everywhere around me. And to quench the thirst I have finally ordered for some origami squares to come through. While I am waiting, go ahead and feast on what’s inspiring me a LOT!

jklkjh Don’t they look uber cute?


fj A colourful mobile for my niece & (yet-to-be-born) nephew sounds just about right!


Butterfly + colours = FABULOUS!


Images source : Pinterest





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4 thoughts on “Origami Decor

      1. The advanced ones (the flowers etc) are a bit tricky, but with practice you’ll know the folds and tricks. Its easy 🙂

        I started with ties, bows, animals and can confidently fold some basic animals. The elephant to me is the trickiest and still eludes my fingers 🙂

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