15 Things That Happen When You Have An All-Or-Nothing Personality

So accurate, it blows my mind!

Thought Catalog

1. You’re often the most gung-ho of all your friends, and tend to get The Most Excited Ever when you hear of something new for you to try together. (And you’re sort of stumped when they don’t immediately meet your enthusiasm, so you have to remind yourself that it’s okay that you don’t all share the same interests all of the time.)

2. But on the days when you cannot be bothered to put on pants, let alone leave your place, there is no convincing you otherwise, and you realize, oh, this is where they’re coming from when they’re not into doing something… now I get it.

3. When you want something, you are laser-focused on it. Not a cheaper alternative from a fast fashion retailer (or even a comparably priced one from a different store). You dream about the thing you saw, and either stalk it until it…

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