One of my biggest fears is that time is running out. Like I don’t have enough time left, whether it is to do things I like, spend time with my friends,family, SOs, do something new, gain new experiences, travel and see new places or all of the above. Sometimes I feel like this is it.. Tomorrow may or may not come. And all this coming from a girl who has always has a five year plan during my teens.

Now, there’s Only hope for a better tomorrow, that whatever it brings will be beautiful and meaningful and that it too will lead to making me who I am going to be..

The thing I am most certain of is “now”, this moment where I’m sitting and furiously typing away on my computer, trying to put my feelings into words. Before I go, here’s my new favorite poem by Lang Leav.. Hope you like it too..

And before it takes away some more, maybe we can all just go out there and do whatever makes our hearts sing!!

Until next time,

Happy Sunday… ❤


Author: Lang Leav Source: Facebook

Author: Lang Leav
Source: Facebook


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