IMG_6130.PNG One of the biggest realizations in the recent past is that in every moment something is ending, just as something new is beginning. Its futile to expect forever when “now” is something that is part of something ending.. Its not necessarily a sad thing, sometimes the end could be of a painful experience, the end could be of relationships with toxic people. Isn’t the uncertainty of it all that makes life so damned beautiful?

Some endings are painful, since after it has ended, all you have left are the memories of the moments that you once lived, the people who once came and made it all better. The moments that you can still clearly see when you close your eyes, the sights, the sounds, the warmth. When I close my eyes, I can still smell the marlboros on his skin, the sound of his heart beating against my ears, the smile on his face when he saw me that morning. Our wordless exchanges, the kiss on my forehead before I left. I can feel it all like it was just a moment ago. And now after I’ve opened my eyes again, sitting in front of my computer, I can’t help but take a deep, long breath, make peace with myself and do my best to move forward. Waiting for the time when I meet him again.

To my boy in black suit and blue shirt, I miss you and I love you. Every moment spent with you, I cherish always! You make me look forward to the best possibilities that is waiting for us in our future, and isn’t that the best feeling there is….

Until I see you again.



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