DIY: Ruby Slippers

Whether it is the deep desire for a hear, a brain, courage or just wanting to go home!! Ruby Slippers have always been a symbol for all of this, at least for me.

In the recent past, I’ve been in all of these situations where I’ve felt like I could use a heart. So many things have happened that have made me afraid to use it. And same story goes for wanting a brain and courage. Life, sometimes can be so overwhelming that you feel tiny and helpless. So that’s when fairy tales come to my rescue, its not because i’m delusional that I believe in them, its because at the end of the story, its always the good that wins, its always about hope, about making it safely across angry tides, about going back home.

Being the hopeless romantic that I am, Ruby Slippers have always been the most special of symbols from contemporary folklore! Plus I love shoes πŸ˜‰

I decided to make myself the Ruby Slippers, as a gift to myself and as a constant reminder that it’ll all turn out okay.

So here’s the simple step by step way to make your own Ruby Slippers:

Things You will need:

  1. Red Ballerina Pumps (They can be any colour)
  2. Red Glitter Powder
  3. Fabric Glue
  4. Paint Brushes
  5. A huge newspaper

Here we go, one step at a time:

Step 1: Keep all the things you need ready on a piece of newspaper or some other material that will act as a cover for your table or your floor. Glitter tends to be messy.

IMG_6167Step 2: Start by applying the fabric glue with a clean paint brush onto the shoe. do it in little patches, so you can allow it to dry.


Step 3: Take another clean brush, dip it in glitter and pat it onto the glued area of the shoes.


Step 4: Repeat Step 2 and Step 3 till both the shoes are covered in glitter.

Step 5: Allow the shoes to dry for a few minutes. After it is completely dry, take the shoes and press the shoes with your hands, this will make all the loose pieces of glitter fall off and the rest of it stick firmly onto the shoes. After you’ve pressed both shoes, take a clean dry brush and brush off the excess glitter from inside the shoes and the soles.

Step 6: Viola!!! They’re ready! Β Put them on or take Photos of your very on Ruby Slippers.


Hope you try this out, and love it as much as I have loved making them!!

Let me know how you liked it, feel free to share it on instagram or on here..

Happy DIY to you, this weekend.

Until next time,



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